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Starbound – eight

The small squawk box in the dressing room called for ‘the new girl – what’s her name’ to get ready to go on stage. Sylvia Goldstone was ready, with Rachel Horowitz’s help and encouragement. The guy in the control booth played her on at the start of the music with his introduction.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, a beauty you’ve never seen before, anywhere. An exclusive debut, right here, right now… here’s Sylvie!” he said. Just like that, Sylvia’s stage name became ‘Sylvie’. She didn’t mind. It sounded cool.

The formal gown that was to be Sylvia’s first costume looked good enough to have been worn to Prince Charming’s grand ball. Her opening song was Van Morrison’s ‘Queen Of The Slipstream’ because it provided many opportunities to flow across the stage and spin. Her movements had a grace and smoothness that fans of strip shows had not seen before. They were watching her more intently than most of the girls enjoy.

Before the song ended, the full skirt had been removed, and Sylvia’s magnificent legs lifted the performance to a more intriguing level. Her sweet little girl face fed the fantasies of the audience, while her remarkable dancing made it seem like the music was scored especially for her alone.

The next song was again by Van Morrison, this time with no lyric: ‘Spanish Steps’ wailed gently into the dark theatre as a red spotlight followed Sylvia’s tantalizing movements. She removed the classic looking bodice part of the costume to reveal just a triangle of red satin at her crotch and a red satin cup over each breast. There was a Chaise at the back of the stage, and Sylvia lay back on it and stretched her legs up toward the ceiling.

She sat up and removed her shoes before she stood again and danced with the barefoot appearance of a girl on a beach in a bikini. She stretched out on her back along the edge of the stage. All at once, a guy in the front row tossed a twenty dollar bill to her. Then another guy with a ten. Soon a couple of guys further back in the audience ran up the aisle to throw paper money to Sylvia. She didn’t quite understand because she’d not been advised to expect that.

As the music drew to a close, Sylvia gathered up a hand full of cash, stood in the center of the stage with a red spotlight showing her in a dazzling circle of brilliance. She removed the skimpy bra and on impulse, tossed it into the audience. She heard a short scuffle over possession of the prize. Then she whipped off the g-string and it was like the audience gasped in unison. Finally, a few seconds before the stage went dark, Sylvia spread her legs and showed everything.

The audience exploded with applause in the darkness as Sylvia gathered up the components of her costume and hurried backstage to the dressing room. The applause could be heard through the wall. Rachel and the other girls saw the handful of cash that Sylvia held in her fist after she threw the clothing down on her chair. She danced around, stark naked, with the money held aloft.

“What the hell did you do out there?” an Asian dancer called Blossom said.

“I wish I had watched from the wings,” Rachel said. “How much did you get?”

Flushed with adrenaline, Sylvia handed the money to Rachel while she put on a robe.

“You got seventy bucks here, Sweetheart” Rachel said. “I know it’s been said before, but I think a star has been born.”

“And I have three more shows to do today,” Sylvia said. “Let’s have a smoke and go eat something… maybe each other.”

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