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Starbound – seven

Through the evening and late into the night, Rachel Horowitz was teaching Sylvia Volkov the lay of the land, so to speak. While they perfected and tested the costumes for the next day’s debut, Rachel lectured Sylvia about the job.

“Remember to always think of stripping as a job,” Rachel said. “Of course, you will sometimes see a face in the audience, or the look in some young guy’s eyes, and you think it would be nice to know that guy.”

“Really? You look right at them,” Sylvia said, “and you’re naked!”

“Most of the girls don’t look at the men, but I like to,” Rachel said. “Don’t forget the lift I get out of men feeling desire for my modified body. I can always just think what fun it would be if they knew I was a boy six years ago.”

Sylvia was a very quick and agile learner. She was a natural dancer, with graceful, well balanced movements. Rachel played various kinds of music and taught Sylvia how to bring the stripping to a series of plateaux during the fifteen minute performance. There would be four or five different pieces of music to cover the time, and it was convenient to expose parts of one’s body at the end of a song.

“The tempo of the next song might be different, and different alluring movements can develop. Finally, half way through the final song of any set, become totally naked when in the theatre. In a bar, the g-string has to stay on, by law. Also, in the theatre, one can choose to ‘spread’ or not, get the extra twenty-five dollars or not. In any case, it’s best to spread in the last few seconds before the lights go out, because after you’ve shown that, anything more would be anti-climaxic… as it were.”

They slept in each other’s arms that night, until ten o’clock in the morning. They rose and showered together, lathering each other’s bodies with intervals of caressing and licking. Breakfast was half a grapefruit each, poached eggs on toast and black coffee.

They practiced with several of the different costumes to select one that might be easiest with which Sylvia could begin. They chose an elegant gown because its complex design had many parts to remove, which might be easier for Sylvia to time during songs as well as song endings.

They arrived at the theatre at three-thirty to prepare for a four o’clock first show. The girls who had performed from eleven until four were cleaning up and getting home. The leering guys in the audience would be surprised to learn how many of those gyrating babes went home to nice suburban families after work. Several are getting university degrees and paying their way by stripping. The flexible hours make it possible to mesh work and school. The long hour and a half between performances are perfect for studying and writing.

Rachel helped Sylvia to put her costumes in order in the dressing room, arranged the music with the control room guys, and set out her cosmetics on the counter in front of her illuminated mirror. The intercom crackled and Jimbo in the control room said, “You’re up, Blue.” A moment later, the opening strains of Frank Sinatra singing “Come Fly With Me” came through the stage door when Rachel opened it to swirl onto the stage as Blue.

The other girls on the four to ten shift were passing around a joint. When it came to Sylvia she wondered for a moment if it would be better or worse for her just before she went on stage. She knew she would not be up next, because Rachel wanted to be with her in the dressing room for her first time. Marissa would go on after Blue and before Sylvia.

Sylvia accepted the joint, took a good, long, cough-inducing toke, and just felt fine. Her natural inhibitions fell away and she felt ready to blow the boys away with her body.

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