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Starbound 16

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They went on the road together: Richard Silver as the audio and lighting engineer for The Bitches rock group led by Sateen. Sylvia Volkov was there as a featured dancer with the group and Rachel Horowitz as wardrobe designer and Sylvia’s manager. It was during a hiatus in the tour that Richard proposed a training program for Sylvia.

“My wife has moved out of our house with the kids,” Richard said to Sylvia and Rachel. “I think we should use the time off to advance our careers.”

“Like how?” Rachel said.

“I think we should see what Sylvia can do with a vocal,” he said.

“You mean sing?” Sylvia said. “I can’t sing.”

“Have you tried?” said Rachel.

“Not really. Only in the shower,” said Sylvia.

“Well then,” Richard said, “why don’t we all move into my house? The studio is right there so we can work on it.”

Richard’s house was spacious and comfortable. The ground floor had a living room that was quite cosy, a dining room that was seldom used and a convenient kitchen with a table and four chairs beside the cooking area.

A back door off the kitchen led to a patio and in-ground swimming pool. On the patio were two settings of garden furniture with wrought iron umbrella tables and chairs. A gazebo beside the patio held a Jacuzzi hot tub. The most important aspect of the property was the old log barn wherein lay the best equipped and acoustically superior sound studio in the business.

Upstairs the three characters each chose a bedroom. There was a small sewing room and a full bathroom as well. The master bedroom had an on suite full bathroom, so it was decided that Richard should keep his master bedroom and bathroom while the two girls would share the bathroom that was between their bedrooms.

The rest of the day was spent moving in, finding where they each wanted to keep things in their individual rooms. Rachel of course earned the sewing room and made it into her design studio as well as manufacturing center.

Sundown found them too tired to work anymore, and they even declined to use the pool or the spa under the stars. Sylvia and Rachel went to their rooms to undress and they again showered together. They enjoyed the mutual grooming; lathering each other’s bodies, sliding their hands over each other’s smooth contours and fondling their breasts. In the end, however, they admitted their fatigue to each other and retired to their beds and fell quickly to sleep.

Richard felt restless and wandered around the ground floor of the house just pacing. He went down to the basement where the game room was, and the large screen television as well as a pool table. Leaning on a wall was a table tennis setup that could be put over the billiard table if that was a preferred pastime.

Finally, Richard went out into the warm night and looked up at the stars. He contemplated the potential future he hoped to build. He was sorry to have lost his wife and children, and it wasn’t because of his attraction to Sylvia. The marriage had gone cold long before Sylvia came on the scene.

Hoping to shed the stress he felt, he decided to enter the pool. He left his clothes in a pile on a chair and walked naked to the edge of the pool. Rachel heard something and looked out her bedroom window. She saw Richard’s buff body in the glow from the pool lights, a pattern of reflections playing across his torso.

Richard plunged into the pool and began swimming lengths vigorously. On his third lap he bumped into Rachel who had stripped down and quietly joined him in the pool. Richard was aroused by the smooth, warm skin he felt on Rachel. He knew she was a transsexual and was conflicted about what to do at that moment.


Starbound 15

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After a brief conversation with The Bitches managers, and Sateen herself, they agreed that Sylvia Volkov would be a worthy asset to the act. They shook hands all around, Sylvia and Rachel hugged Sateen and everyone left the building at the same time.

Richard Silver drove Sylvia and Rachel to a lovely restaurant on the water. They sat on the deck that projected out over the rocks where waves rolled in and out beneath them. It was a very muted celebratory mood around their table. The abrupt change in direction of the two young women’s lives gave them pause to contemplate their immediate future.

At the same time, Richard was coping with deepening feelings for Sylvia. He knew little about the relationship between Rachel and Sylvia and was hoping that they weren’t lovers, or at least that Sylvia was not exclusively a lesbian. They spoke softly to each other in contrast to the robust conversations that were going on at other tables.

The sun was setting on the horizon, painting a sparkling golden path from their table directly to the sinking ball of fire.

“I guess I’ll be on the road a lot,” Sylvia said to no one special.

“That’s right,” Richard said. Sylvia fell silent, contemplating what that might mean.

“You’ll love it, Sweetheart,” Rachel said.

“But I’ll be alone again,” said Sylvia.

“You’re one of five dancers,” said Richard. “You’ll be pals with the rest of the girls in no time.”

“Bullshit!” said Sylvia. “They’ll ostracize me, I know.”

“How do you know?” said Rachel.

“When that guy, Bernie said I would do some featured dancing in front of the other four, I knew that it would mean trouble.”

“They’re all professionals,” Richard said. “They know how these things go and they won’t blame you. Sateen will tell them that you did not ask for that, but the managers told you what they wanted.”

“You’ll see, ”Sylvia said. “They will try to make my life miserable. They’ll be eager to see me fuck up and will probably help it happen.”

“Don’t psych yourself down like that,” Rachel said. “We’ll be there to back you up.” Sylvia looked from Rachel to Richard and back.

“You’ll be there?” said Sylvia.

“I’ll be there and Richard will be there,” Rachel said. “Richard always travels with The Bitches’ road show, and I’m coming along as your manager and costume designer for the group.

“Fantastic!” said Sylvia. “I didn’t know that. Why didn’t you assholes tell me?”

“I thought you knew,” said Richard.

“So did I,” Rachel said.

They finished their drinks and drove to Rachel’s loft. They began to feel more like themselves and relaxed around the coffee table passing a joint back and forth. And then another joint while Rachel put on some very sensual music by Barry White. After a third joint Rachel stood up and took Richard by the hand and Sylvia with the other hand and led them to the bedside.

Richard began to disrobe Sylvia while Rachel undressed Richard. At the same time, Sylvia stripped Rachel and the three of them left their clothes in a pile on the hardwood floor and tumbled onto the bed.

“I love having male and female lovers in my bed at the same time,” Rachel said.

The ‘menage a trois’ lasted until morning. The threesome enjoyed realizing every fantasy any of them ever had, and they had happy conversation during a delicious breakfast prepared by Richard.

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Starbound 14

November 22, 2014 4 comments

The black girl was very tall, and danced well to The Bitches’ music. When she had done her ten minutes, the suit guys directed her to the secretary then to leave. The next girl was also black, a lighter cinnamon colour really. She was petite, like Sylvia, and danced very well, but Rachel’s observation was that she didn’t seem to really feel the music. She was directed to the secretary and out like the first girl.

Two more girls did their dance and were released. One of them had a shaved head. Rachel and Sylvia were alone in the auditorium seats. One of the suits called out to Richard Silver.

“Hey, Dick, is that girl here that you pushed me to see?” he said.

“Yes, Mister Bernard,” Richard said.

“Is she better than these slugs we’ve been seeing?”

“Yes!” Richard said, loudly, through the sound system to startle the mouthy guy.

“Alright, let’s see what she’s got.”

Sylvia, Richard and Rachel had already roughed out the routine Sylvia should do and they had the music score she preferred ready to go.

The music started, and Sylvia first did her cross the stage end to end strut. She loved to do that at the beginning of every performance. Although she was petite, her legs were very long, proportionately and her breasts were real, firm and nicely shaped. She had dressed in a red wrap-around dress that can be worn in several ways. It was suitable for street use, so that’s what she’d worn here. It’s not a strip audition, but Sylvia had a secret plan.

She let the music carry her. She put the audition, the onlookers, Rachel and Richard out of her mind. With a kind of self-hypnosis that she’d developed during the agonizing years in her home town, she simply soared with the sounds. She had shut out the humiliating aspects of her sad life by taking her mind somewhere else. The constant presence of ear buds as she went through her days facilitated her escape from reality.

Now, here, she is not in an audition for a super-group. She is not being observed by skeptical producers. She is alone on a cloud. For the mere mortals who are the observers, they are spellbound by the stunning improvisations Sylvia does with her flowing body. The spins, the swirls, the striding moves with her head up, her arms out as she twirled and glided to the voluminous music.

As the ten minute dance wound down, Sylvia performed a few swift alterations on her versatile dress, and was dancing topless in a red skirt. The suits, the secretary and Sateen were stunned and excited. Richard had been told that she planned to do that, although he had argued strongly against it. Still, when she’s up there on the stage, she’s in control.

There was only one more thing Richard could do since he’d been unable to stop her. He turned on the red spotlight, and it gave Sylvia’s body a luminescence. She strode across the stage as she had done at the opening, turned at the far end and let loose the rest of her dress. She simply ambled back across the stage totally naked, dragging the dress along with her.

Richard killed the lights for a moment and when he brought them up again, Sylvia was again wrapped in her dress. Rachel had never really intended to audition but to accompany Sylvia. The suits asked Sylvia to stay while they had an internal discussion. Rachel immediately assumed the role of manager for Sylvia.

“When you’re a star,” Rachel said, “we’ll call you ‘The Alabaster Queen’.”

Starbound 13

November 18, 2014 1 comment

When Richard Silver told Sylvia Volkov and Rachel the group to which they were to audition, their breath caught in their throats. It was hard to believe that it was possible to audition for the hottest girl group maybe in the world. They were going to audition for The Bitches.

“We don’t sing,” Sylvia said. “Why would a singing group want dancers?”

“You’ve never seen their live act, have you?” Richard said.

“Of course not!” said Sylvia. “Where would I see The Bitches, live? I’ve rarely seen them on television.”

“I saw it once when I had a week in Las Vegas,” Rachel said. “They rely on a lot of dancing while they sing.”

The audition was in a huge rehearsal hall in a former warehouse building. The vast edifice was in darkness, save for a concentrated pool of light on a stage far down to their left as they entered the theatre-like space. The spill over light from the stage made the first two rows of seats visible. A small, faintly lit area in the middle of the theatre seats was the control centre. That’s where Richard Silver sat with a young girl who was his assistant. He controlled the audio mix and levels as well as the spotlight, its colour and movements.

Rachel and Sylvia could see half a dozen girls seated in the few rows behind the first two. The first two rows were occupied by several people. Two older men who appeared to be business people from the way they dressed and argued with each other. A younger guy and girl sat off to the side. They held notepads and cellphones and were assumed to be assistants. One more person sat a bit separately and Rachel was amazed to see her.

“I can’t believe she’s here,” Rachel whispered as they made their way to some seats not too far from the other waiting girls, but far enough.

“Who’s here,” Sylvia whispered.

“Look,” Rachel said. “She’s Sateen, the lead singer of The Bitches. I’m surprised she’d attend an audition for just some background dancers.”

“I guess she has some special interest,” Sylvia said. “She doesn’t look like someone I’d like to have as a lover.”

“Thanks,” Rachel laughed. “I guess I should feel privileged.”

“Well, so far you’re my one and only lover, and of course my only female lover,” Sylvia said. “I’ve had men in me, but it wasn’t making love, it was five football players raping me last year.”

“That’s horrible!” Rachel said. “What did you do about it?”

“I left town, came to the big city and met you,” Sylvia said.

One of the arguing businessmen turned and sat next to Sateen and they spoke quietly. The other business type guy shouted to Richard at his control station to turn on his microphone.

“Hello, ladies and thank you for coming,” he said. “I say that just to be kind. We know that you would kill to be one of The Bitches. Just to be objective, we will audition you in the order that you arrived. Who was here first? You? Okay miss, go talk to Richard up there at the controls, agree on what music you want, how you want to be lit and all that stuff, okay?”

The girl appeared to be almost six feet tall in the high heels she wore.

“I just realized something,” Sylvia said.

“What’s that?” said Rachel.

“That girl’s black. Sateen is black. The whole group is black. We shouldn’t even be here!” Sylvia said.

“It doesn’t matter, you’ll knock them out, I’m sure,” Rachel said. “I don’t have a chance because I’m nowhere near as good as you in any way. But you? You’re a cinch to get in.”

Starbound 12

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Throughout the three hours that Sylvia Volkov and Richard Silver spent in the studio creating Sylvia’s dance music, there was no sign of communication between Richard and his wife and kids in the house. It was just twenty meters away from the studio in the barn.

They took the edited and organized music discs and left the studio. Richard followed Sylvia’s directions and dropped her at the unlikely address over a car wash in the garment district. He accompanied Sylvia to the door and she kissed him thank you for his good work.

“Can I see you again?” Richard said.

“Sure,” Sylvia said. “What about your wife?”

“That’s just about all over,” he said.

“I noticed you made no connection with the house,” she said, “even though there was an intercom right there.”

“Like I said, it’s all over.”

Sylvia went up to the loft and stepped inside. Rachel looked up from her sewing machine when she heard the door close.

“Well look who found her way home,” Rachel said. “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been worried sick.

“I met a guy with a sound studio, and look what he made me,” Sylvia held up the CDs.

“What’s that?”

“Custom mixed and edited music tracks for my act,” Sylvia said. “Listen to this.” She put the disc on and the full, clear sound filled the place. The songs melded into each other for a seamless flow ideally suited to Sylvia’s dance style as Sylvie the stripper.

Sylvia began to move around the loft, stimulated by the music in much the same way as she was moved by it in the studio. Just as Richard had been mesmerized by Sylvia’s beauty and performance, so was Rachel. Before the dance was through Rachel went to Sylvia, held her close and kissed her passionately.

They made love, showered together and went to work.

Their work week went well, the theatre was busy for every shift, and the customers were a bit better class, it seemed. One of the other girls in the dressing room – she called herself Precious – had a theory. She thought the reason for a more white collar less blue collar audience was because it was mid-summer.

Precious was a major audience favourite because she had the most waifish, flower child look. Tiny, slender, with long straight hair, a splendid oval face and seemed totally vulnerable.

“Wives and kids are away at cottages,” Precious said. “Husbands are alone in the city except for their two or three week vacation time. They’re home alone, nothing to do; they feel like cutting loose and getting laid but are afraid to, so they compromise. Go to a strip joint, see some lovely young naked ladies, have a few drinks in the bars. Some don’t like the bar atmosphere so they come to the theatre where it’s just naked women. No drink or food but soda and snack junk in vending machines to sustain them while they watch the naked girls dance.”

Early on Saturday morning, Sylvia walked three blocks to the Kensington Market with her bundle buggy. The ancient, narrow streets were in transition from Portuguese to Arabian. It is the market where each new wave of immigrants starts their lives in the new nation. Around nineteen hundred it was Eastern European Jews fleeing the pogroms. Jews fleeing the Nazis in the nineteen forties moved in next. As they moved out again, to the suburbs, the Portuguese moved in and now the Portuguese are moving to the suburbs so the Asians, Muslims and so on are taking their turn at taking root.

Returning home to Rachel’s loft with her bundle buggy bulging with cans, bottles, boxes and bags, she saw Richard’s car parked at the curb in front of the loft. She climbed the stairs and entered to find Rachel and Richard cheerfully sharing coffee and laughs. Sylvia didn’t know what to make of it so she rolled her groceries into the kitchen and began to unpack the bundle buggy. Sylvia wanted to show that she didn’t care.

“I didn’t know you guys knew each other,” Sylvia said, pretending to focus on groceries.

“Richard has come here to ask if you’re interested in an opportunity,” Rachel said.

“Uh-huh,” Sylvia said.

“I’m going to be engineer at a very important audition for a very big group,” Richard said.

“If Rachel’s going, then I’ll go,” Sylvia said. “Tell me about it.”

“If Silvia will go, then I will go,” Rachel said. “Tell her who the audition is for.”

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Starbound 11

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With the selected CDs in hand, Sylvia Volkov and Richard Silver went to his recording studio. It was on a farm an hour outside of the city. There was a cosy looking two storey house where Richard lived with his family, and a large barn-like structure make of large squared logs. The building was very old, built in a time when trees of that circumference were plentiful.

They didn’t go to the house at all, but Richard guided Sylvia toward the barn. She wondered what he was up to. There couldn’t be a state of the art studio in that old barn. Richard ushered her into the barn through an old, standard pedestrian barn door. Sylvia was stunned the instant she entered.

The reception area was spacious and luxurious. Comfortable seating areas centred around coffee tables. The walls were covered with dozens of framed gold and platinum records earned by the many artists that had recorded their CDs in this studio.

A kitchenette was along one wall and a meat locker type door opened into the control room, and another thick, soundproof door opened into the performance area. A large window of thick, double glass separated the control room from the performing area. The only contact was through microphones and speakers.

They sat in two of the comfortable pilots’ chairs at the control board. Richard fed the CDs into his equipment and captured the individual songs they wanted to use. Then he began editing them together in an order that he felt invited a sensual dance set. He assembled six different fifteen minute programs and had the songs morph into each other so there were no moments of awkward silence.

Sylvia was inspired by the quality music, especially with the strength and fullness of it coming through the massive speakers that covered the walls of the control room. Richard ran each assembled disc through the speakers to evaluate the blending when one song morphed into the next. While Richard was doing this check he took out a joint and they shared it.

The music was getting under Sylvia’s skin. She got up and started dancing quietly around the control room. She moved among the vacant chairs and swayed provocatively. Richard watched her passively while he listened to the music for flaws. She did dance beautifully and she was inspired by the music. It was music that she liked, music from an earlier time and a later time. The routines covered eras from Frank Sinatra to Elton John and The Eagles.

Obviously, Sylvia’s inhibitions fell away as the relaxing effects of the marijuana took hold. She sat in one of the luxurious chairs on wheels and removed her shoes and socks before she resumed her dance. She selected another chair and she removed her jeans and resumed dancing. Richard did nothing to break the mood. The control room was lit only by the spill in from the lit up performing area and the multi-coloured glow from the control panel indicators.

Eventually, Sylvia was naked, finishing her lengthy dance as the last song ended. She slumped back on one of the chairs with her legs stretched out. Richard walked slowly to her and knelt on the carpet before her. He looked into her eyes. She saw what he wanted. She spread her thighs like an opening flower and he was drawn to it like a hummingbird to nectar.

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Starbound 10

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The music store seemed to melt away and all Sylvia Volkov could see was this perfect male face.

“Huh? What? Excuse me!” Sylvia stammered when she found her voice.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“That’s okay,” Sylvia said. “I’m just looking around, not for anything special.”

“What genre do you prefer,” he said.

“It varies, but generally I like ballads, good seventies rock, and 40s crooners,” Sylvia said. “That doesn’t really cover it. I guess I like any kind of music, really, as long as it’s good quality music.”

“Perhaps I can help you,” he said.

“No, really, I just want to browse,” said Sylvia. “You must have other customers to serve.”

“No,” he said. “I don’t work here.”

“Oh,” Sylvia paused. “You’re just selling yourself.”

“I just wanted to meet you,” he said.

“Why?” Sylvia said. She did not hide her skepticism.

“Because you’re so beautiful,” he said, “and you dance with great talent. Have you had lessons? Do you study dance?” Sylvia stopped and looked him in the eye.

“So you’ve seen me dance,” Sylvia said. “Congratulations.” She turned and walked toward the music store exit. She had never before met someone who had seen her strip.

“Wait!” he said, walking after her. “Didn’t you want to select some music for your act? You’re really too good to dance to the programmed music that the theatre has.”

“You think so?” Sylvia stopped and turned to face him.

They went back to the racks of CDs and discussed the songs that might best suit Sylvia’s performance. She unexpectedly felt an easy comfort with this guy. She didn’t feel any kind of threat from him, but she didn’t expect that to be accurate. She knew from her bitter experience with the rapes that motivated her departure from her home.

“If it was up to me,” he said, “I’d think like a Broadway musical score. First, I’d open with something lively and swinging – let’s say Sinatra’s ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’.”

“What’s your name?” Sylvia said.

“Richard Silver,” he said, “and I only know you as ‘Sylvie’.”

“That will have to do,” she said. Richard made no protest.

“Your second song should be a bit livelier and a touch more suggestive,” he said. “I think “The Lady Is A Tramp” by Frank would fit the bill perfectly.

“But all the other girls use contemporary rock,” she said.

“They’re ignorant. They don’t understand the psychology of stripping and what it really means to the lonely guys and women sitting in the dark,” Richard said. “Primarily, aside from the blatant sexuality of dancing naked, it’s entertainment. They loved watching Fred Astaire with any of his leading ladies because they put themselves in Fred’s shoes and imagined dancing with one of those tall, slender, gorgeous women.”

“What are you getting at?” Sylvia said.

“You are the tall, slender, gorgeous woman of their fantasies,” he said. “You’re real, you’re the fantasy woman literally in the flesh. You don’t dance like you’re anybody’s like all the other girls do. You dance like you’re dancing for each person individually.”

“What kind of bullshit are you spouting here?” she said. “You’re laying it on a bit thick.

“For your third song, we’ll switch to Van Morrison, ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You’. Your final song will be another Van Morrison, ‘Someone Like You’. Come on, let’s find the CDs we need for four different shows and I’ll take you to my studio so we can make the best mixes.