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Starbound – six

Darkness fell outside the vast, floor to ceiling loft window. Sylvia Volkov and Rachel Horowitz were up and out of bed and enjoying coffee before returning to the job of fitting costumes to Sylvia’s outstanding figure.
In the darkness, the large central area of Rachel’s loft had a stage-like aura. Rachel turned on a central pot light that illuminated the centre of the space. She had Sylvia stand in the pool of light while she put finishing touches to a form-fitting red body suit that was covered with sequins and had long, red fringes that swayed and danced with every move that Sylvia made.
“Let’s do a little rehearsal,” Rachel said. She put on her sound system with its huge speakers and dancing lights. The sound of Van Morrison’s ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You’ filled the space with deep, reverberating tones. Sylvia began to dance, her sensual movements like the weightless rise of cigarette smoke in still air.
Rachel, for all her sophistication was mesmerized by the hypnotic movements Sylvia came by naturally. She began to peel away the parts of her costume that were designed to enhance titillation in the audience. First, the long, red sequined gloves came off, then a long strip of fringes that hung to the floor. Now her long, beautifully shaped legs were revealed.
As the music built, Sylvia removed the outer suit that left her in only a sparkling red g-string and bra. As the song drew to an end, she stripped off the bra and her beautiful breasts bobbed happily with her movements. At the very last moment, the g-string came away, and Sylvia playfully faced Rachel directly and spread her thighs wide open so Rachel was looking at the vagina in the triangle of dark curly hair.
So inflamed was Rachel by Sylvia’s performance that she walked over to Sylvia, standing in the circle of light amid the large, dark space of the loft. Rachel dropped to her knees in front of Sylvia and made love to her with her mouth.
The resulting orgasm left Sylvia weak in the knees, and she folded over onto Rachel. Rachel walked slowly with her to the bed, where she lay Sylvia down and covered her up before she went to the kitchen alcove to make fresh coffee. At the same time, she turned up the other lights in the loft. The space lost its theatrical look with the lights on, and became a sophisticated urban dwelling with the quality of a design magazine cover.
Sylvia roused herself and joined Rachel at the kitchen counter. She sat on the stool opposite Rachel again, and again looked into her eyes.
“Thank you for that, Rache,” Syl said. “I owe you one.”
“Please don’t ever make love to me as a repay,” Rachel said. “I wouldn’t enjoy it. I would know what you’re doing, and I wouldn’t enjoy it. On the other hand, if you have the desire, and it’s what you want to do, I’m yours. But there’s to be no repayment or pity sex.”
“The way you make me feel,” Syl said, “I might never go near a man again.”
“Thank you,” Rachel said. “Most of us queer girls do it not so much for the sex, ‘cause sex with a man is pretty nice, but in all the non-sex aspects of life, a woman is just a more enjoyable companion. So if you’re going to love someone anyway, why not someone who is likely to be more simpatico with you.

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