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Starbound – five

Morning found Sylvia sleeping soundly in Rachel’s bed. At first she looked around the large loft in confusion, not immediately remembering the events of the previous day and evening. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head, and recalled the warm, welcoming feeling of Rachel, holding and caressing her. Of course, Sylvia recognized the homosexual or lesbian implications of her night in bed with Rachel, but just didn’t care. She had enjoyed the benefit of a caring, gentle person, something she had not experienced in her eighteen years of life. Even her parents were cold and distant. The gang rape cured Sylvia of any expectation of gentle lovemaking from any young man.
She slid out of bed and Rachel, who was in the kitchen alcove, saw her and hurried over with a comfortable, white terrycloth robe.
“I don’t really like to cover that spectacular body of yours, Sweetheart, but I don’t want you to take ill,” Rachel said. “Now go freshen up in the Jacuzzi tub and when you come out, breakfast will be ready.
“I don’t want to put you to any trouble,” Sylvia said.
“It’s a great pleasure, Sweetheart, I assure you.” Rachel said. “Now go do your morning ablutions.”
Sylvia obediently slipped into the robe and headed for the bathroom. It was large and mirrored on almost every side. The ceiling was spotted with pot lights that illuminated the space with an even, warm light. While the tub filled, Sylvia looked over the variety of cosmetic products that helped Rachel to be ‘Blue’, the exotic dancing girl. It was obvious she took pains to obliterate the young man that he used to be.
Silvia sank into the warm water, fragrant with Algemarin’s superior scent. She turned on the jets and warm currents of water massaged her back, caressed her thighs, and wrung stress and frustration out of her body.
When she towelled herself off and emerged from the bathroom in the white robe, the fragrance of breakfast was wonderful. She joined Rachel at the eating island and sat on a stool across from her. The coffee was perfect; the eggs Benedict were flawless works of art.
“This is fantastic,” Sylvia said. “You are really something, Rachel.”
“Oh, I bet you say that to all the transsexuals,” Rachel laughed heartily.
“You’re the only one I know,” Sylvia said. “Are there more like you?”
“There are more transsexuals, Sweetheart,” Rachel said, “but there’s no one like me!”
“I can believe that,” Sylvia said, and continued to enjoy her breakfast.
“Do you know what we’re going to do this morning? Rachel said.
“I’ve no idea,” Sylvia said.
“We’re going to fit you with a half dozen of Bambi’s former costumes, and this evening you’re going to start your new career,” Rachel said.
“But I’m not ready,” Sylvia said. “I don’t know what to do?”
“Do you like to dance to music?” Rachel said.
“Yes, of course, but I’m not that great at it,” Sylvia said.
“It doesn’t matter,” Rachel said. “With a body and legs like you have, you’ll be a hit.”
Rachel stood Sylvia in the middle of the floor and peeled off her robe and tossed it aside. She stood for several seconds just looking Sylvia’s nakedness.
“You seem to not understand what you have,” Rachel said. “You are totally gorgeous.”
“You’re embarrassing me,” Sylvia said.
Rachel put a harem girl costume on Sylvia, made of the sheerest organdy with sparkling stones at the waist. She fussed around the motionless Sylvia, pinning things here and there until she finally straightened up face to face with her.
Sylvia yielded to an impulse. She slipped her arms up around the taller Rachel’s neck to pull her face down and kiss her deeply. They went to the unmade bed, dropped their garments to the floor, fell onto the bed and made love.

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