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Starbound – 4

The sweet fragrance of marijuana smoke filled the air when Rachel lit the joint and handed it to Sylvia Volkov. They passed it back and forth a few times until the coffee was ready. Rachel made a tray of coffee and crackers with cheese and carried it into a cozy area near the huge, industrial style windows.
“I can tell you, Syl… can I call you Syl?” Rachel said and carried right on without waiting for a response. “Stripping is a good way to make a living and have free time, too, if you’re smart about it.”
“What do you mean, Rache? Do you mind if I call you Rache?” Sylvia said.
“Don’t get sucked in to living sleazy, letting the job influence real life,” Rachel said. “When I leave the gig, I come here, to my sanctuary. I go to a mall, I shop for groceries. Or I go to dressmaker’s supply, where I get stuff to make costumes.”
“You make your own costumes?” Sylvia said.
“I make everybody’s costumes,” Rachel said. “I enjoy it, and I’m experienced at it, and it pays better than the dancing does. But I like the dancing, too, y’know. Like you said, I’m exciting the guys with a body that’s not genuine. I get off on it. They don’t notice the things you noticed, my hands and feet are man sized, but not exceptionally.”
“You have a very nice male ass, too,” Rache.
“Even when I flash, they can’t tell my pussy is man made.”
“What’s ‘flash’ mean?” Syl said.
“You spread your legs and let them see your vagina,” Rache said.
“You really do that?”
“Sure, why not? It’s only a look, and the boss pays twenty-five dollars extra if you flash.” Rache said. “But that’s only in the theatre. It’s not allowed in bars.”
“What pays better?” Syl said.
“Bars pay better, but it’s a meaner environment. When guys come into the theatre they pay to get in. They’re not there to eat or drink. They’re there to be entertained,” Rache said. “Bars are about drinking, and the management always wants you to drink with them so they buy more. The barmen know that the suckers get diluted booze, and you get coloured water.”
“That’s pretty sleazy,” Syl said.
“Yes, it is. That’s why the girls like to work at the theatre even though it pays a little less. Sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice. The girls rest and recharge during their theatre gig.”
“How does your day go?” Sylvia said.
“There are two shifts. Eleven AM to six PM, six PM to one AM. You do a fifteen minute dance, flash at the end if you feel like it and get off the stage. Then, you have an hour and a half to yourself to do whatever. The theatre is in the heart of downtown and it’s surrounded by the best shopping, cinema, and restaurants in town.”
“How much could I make?” Sylvia said.
“There’s a spread,” Rache said. “If you take it easy and enjoy life, you can make six or seven hundred a week. That’s good, because remember, you only actually are on the job for an hour and a quarter a shift. The rest of the shift you’re free. If you’re wise in what you choose for street clothes and remove dramatic makeup, you can go through the underground shopping and restaurants and nobody would guess you strip.”
“And what’s the maximum, if I hustle?” Sylvia said.
“A few months ago a girl who called herself Bambi quit, because she’d earned enough to put herself through law school in just two years. But she really hustled,” Rachel said. She was about your size, and I bought back all the costumes I’d made for her when she quit. Maybe you’ll like them and they can help you get started.”
“How did she make so much so fast?” Sylvia said. “Did she become a prostitute?”
“God, no!” Rachel said. “She just really worked hard. She didn’t shop or fool around during the hour and a half between performances. As soon as she finished her act, she dressed in street clothes and hurried up the street the The Silver Goblet and did a bar act there. The money was good, and so were the tips. Then she’d run out of there and over to the Beaker Bar and do an act, also good pay and good tips, then return to the theatre to rest up before doing her act there.”
They shared another joint and Sylvia was feeling very good, very comfortable. She looked up at the large bed suspended near the ceiling.
“Do you sleep up there?” Sylvia asked.
“Don’t be silly, Sweetheart,” Rachel said. She picked up a remote control device and pressed a button. An electric winch lowered the bed until it sat on the floor.
“As you can see, Sweetheart, it’s a bed built for company. If you’ve not located a permanent abode, you’re welcome here, if you like.”
“May I lie down right now,” Sylvia said. “I’m really weary.”
“Of course, dear,” Rachel said. She stood and took Rachel’s hand and helped her off of the sofa. They were in a mellow mood, the street outside was quiet and Rachel dimmed the lights. Sylvia got undressed and slid into the bed. Rachel followed soon after. She had turned on some mellow jazz playing softly. She slid close to Sylvia and cuddled to her. Sylvia felt unique, exciting feelings. Gentle, warm hugs were never available to Sylvia, from parents, schoolmates or anyone else. She let Rachel hold her and caress her until she fell into a blissful sleep.

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