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Starbound – three

After Blue completed her act and showered quickly in the dressing room shower stall, she dressed in street clothes and left the theatre with Sylvia. They took Sylvia’s Mustang out of the parking building with Sylvia grumbling about life in the city.
“Eighteen dollars to park a car for a couple of hours is ridiculous,” she said. They chatted as Sylvia drove. Blue directed her to where she lived.
“That’s life in the big city, Sweetheart,” Blue said with a flourish, she flipped her long blond hair with a snap of her wrist. Sylvia couldn’t help but notice that Blue made that statement with a different voice. It sounded like a male voice.
“Blue, can I ask a personal question?” Sylvia said.
“Ask away, Kid,” Blue said in her grandiose way. “The Blue hides nothing.”
“You seem to have two voices,” Sylvia said. Blue responded with elaborate gestures that would have been appropriate had she been on a stage with an audience.
“Ye-e-es,” Blue teased, “go on.”
“Are you really a man?” Sylvia blurted.
“Was, Sweetheart, was,” Blue said. “I was male until I was nineteen. My father is a doctor, and he helped me make the transition. I’ve been Rachel Horowitz for five years. Before that I was Ralph Horowitz.”
“That’s amazing,” Sylvia said. “You’re so gorgeous, and all those staring guys are fooled. You must enjoy earning a living with a converted body.”
“I enjoy attracting the nice guys,” Blue said, “and I take pleasure in irritating the mean guys.
“Is this what you wanted to do, before your changeover?” Sylvia said.
“Ever since I was a kid. My father took me to a strip show when I was about fourteen. He wanted to see if I could become interested in the female form,” Blue said and after a pause, “and I was. I wanted to look like that.”
“Well, you are really gorgeous,” Sylvia said.
Sylvia followed Blue’s directions and found herself driving in a large, dark street in the centre of the garment district. During the day, this street is packed with traffic, trucks, pedestrians and public transportation vehicles. It was eerily silent late at night, with no lights from the buildings, with only widely spaced street lamps making pools of light up both sides of the broad boulevard. Blue directed Sylvia to park beside a closed car wash.
“Where do you live?” Sylvia said. Blue led the way to a doorway between the car was and a store that sells textiles. Inside she faced a long, straight staircase just like the one at the strip theatre. At the top, Blue opened the door to a splendid loft apartment.
A bright alcove was a kitchen area with sparkling equipment that invited one to enjoy culinary adventures. A centre island with two stools on each side formed a floating separation from the large living area. Comfortable furniture was placed in two different settings, one formal and the other casual. In a shaded corner a large bed was suspended up near the vastly high ceiling.
Sylvia had never seen anything like this loft. She thought Blue, or Rachel as she asked to be called outside of work, must be a creative genius. Rachel went to the kitchen and started brewing coffee. Sylvia sat on a stool at the island counter. Rachel sat opposite her and lit a joint.

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