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Nascence Of Freedom At Last

The fire crackled cheerfully, casting a warm, golden light and dancing shadows over the two naked bodies. David’s large, muscular frame engulfed Shaynah’s petite body.  Her smooth, alabaster skin stood out boldly against his tanned body.  Shaynah’s mind was also engulfed.  The waves of ecstasy that rolled over her set fire to her spirit.  The thought that such feelings were available to secular women made her feel stupid and ignorant.  She berated herself for suffering this self denial for decades, and almost felt hatred for the teachers and parents who forced such ignorance on innocent children.

A rippling convulsion shook Shaynah, laying unashamed against David’s cool body. A trickle of fluid ran out of her vagina.  She was moved to reach behind herself and feel David’s penis.  It lay dormant against her behind.  Her fingers explored it, and it soon responded, swelling and stiffening. Excitement took over Shaynah, and she held the organ until it was hard. David shifted his position and gently pushed himself into Shaynah. The lubricating fluids facilitated the penetration.  Both Shaynah and David were transfixed by the feeling.  Shaynah had little sex in her life, and what there was was pedestrian to say the least. The rush of passion that she felt after a life of emotional denial was almost overwhelming.  David was also moved by the thrill of Shaynah’s body.  The feelings that exploded from the penetration shot through his body to his extremities like never before in his life.

Shaynah cried out with a massive orgasm and began to weep quietly. David withdrew and cuddled Shaynah as she wept.

“Why do you cry?” he said.

“I thought this was not to ever be in my life,” she said and turned to lay face to face with him. She put one arm around him and spoke into his throat. “What do you think of a woman of fifty who never before had an orgasm that she didn’t give herself?”

“I think she must be pretty clean,” he joked.

“I’m serious!” she demanded.

“I think she’s very attractive, has a beautiful, mature body and gorgeous, smooth skin,” he said. “And by the way, a terrific lover.”

“I don’t actually believe you,” Shaynah said.  “I had sometimes imagined that sex could be done from the back like that, but I couldn’t imagine how wonderful it would feel.  I didn’t know there were such feelings.

They got up from the blanket on the bear skin and went to the kitchen. Shaynah put on a robe while David remained wrapped in the blanket. He directed her to a first aid kit in the closet.  While he sat on a kitchen chair, she treated the laceration with antiseptic and a bandage. When she was done, she poured coffee for them and sat in a chair beside him. The experienced businesswoman in her had an offer to make.

“I hope you will agree with what I’m about to suggest,” Shaynah said.  “The facts are as follows: you love this island and you’d like to live here, but not alone because you just spent two years alone here writing your book. Right?”

“Right,” David said, taking aspirin with his coffee.

“I would like to buy this island and live here most of the year, right?”

“I’m not sure about that one,” David said.

“I propose that I buy the island, giving you a lot of cash to do with what you wish,” she said, “and you continue to live in the cabin, independent and free, and your rent will be that you will help me manage the place.  You know, grounds keeping, maintenance, boating, things that you are familiar with and that I am not capable of doing.”

“And on a personal level?” he said.  “You sound so impersonal for a person speaking to a person with whom I just made love.”  Shaynah softened her attitude.

“I’m sorry, David,” she said.  “I’m so accustomed to every negotiation being tough, from my business experience.”

“And are we lovers?” David said.

“Oh, God, yes!” Shaynah laughed heartily. “I propose that we go to each others beds when the feeling is upon us.”

“Do we accept it with good feelings if the occupier of the bed does not feel up to sex at that moment?” David said.

“Of course.  It must all be light hearted and loving,” Shaynah said, “and honest.  And we will refer to it as ‘making love’, not ‘fucking’ or ‘having sex’.

“Sounds good to me,” David said, and took Shaynah in his arms where she felt at peace and safe.

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