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An Introduction To Intimacy

Looking down at David, half conscious on the sofa, Shaynah had to act.  The sight of him in his tattered t-shirt and sodden pants and shoes was more than she could handle.  She forced herself to remove his wet clothes so she could dry him and wrap him in a warm blanket. She removed his soggy shoes and socks. She grasped the cuffs of his jeans and tugged them off as he helped by wriggling a bit. Faced with the jockey shorts and the prominent bulge at the crotch, Shaynah was fearful, embarrassed and excited at the same time.  She clenched her teeth, grasped the shorts by their waist band and pulled them down.  She tried to not look directly at his bare penis but could not resist.  She was curious, wanted to touch it but was afraid.  She berated herself: how ridiculous for a woman of fifty to be excited by and afraid of a penis.

David began to shudder and shiver.  Shaynah hurried to her room and stripped off the duvet and hurried to put it over David’s naked body.  Shaynah didn’t have any way to know if his body was average or worse or better, and her conclusion was that it must be better.  It made her almost dizzy with excitement and she let her eyes drink him in as she was tucking the cover around him.  He continued to shiver, so Shaynah helped him to get closer to the fire, stretched out on the fur carpet, wrapped in the duvet.

Shaynah became alarmed as David continued to convulse and shiver.  On impulse, she stripped down to nudity, peeled back a flap of the duvet and slid in next to David’s shuddering body.  She pressed herself to his back, her breasts spread warmth on him while her stomach rested on the roundness of his behind.  She lay still, almost afraid to move as she let her mind absorb the cascade of feelings that coursed through her.  She focused on his male fragrance, the texture of his skin on her breasts and stomach. David stopped shuddering, and Shaynah cuddled to him desperately, adrenaline making her feel light headed as she experienced an ever-heightening level of arousal.  There were feelings that she’d never before felt in her severely restricted cult life.

David began to stir.  Shaynah was about to roll away from him when he reached back and took her hand.  She was surprised by it, and involuntarily jerked away, but he held fast to her wrist.  Slowly, he moved her hand around his waist and placed it on his soft penis. Again Shaynah recoiled, and David again placed her hand on his penis.  Shaynah was almost dizzy with the new experiences.

Slowly, David rotated around to face Shaynah. He put a bit of space between their naked bodies, and allowed Shaynah to explore him.  He knew enough about the orthodox cult to know that since she was born, she had been walled off from any sensual experience of any kind.  It includes books, magazines, television, anything stimulating.  At fifty she was experiencing things she should have experienced before she was twenty.

David’s penis began to pulse in Shaynah’s hand, and gradually it began to stiffen.  Shaynah would like to have watched it, but she was too afraid.  She rolled away from David so the duvet fell open and spread out.  Her back was now to David.  He pressed himself to Shaynah’s back.  She felt a wave of Ecstasy at the warmth of David’s body pressed to her.  His penis began to poke between her thighs and Shaynah felt faint with excitement and fear.

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