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An Unexpected Crisis

Shaynah was desperate to get David safely out of the water.  Looking around frantically on the moonlit shore, she saw a winch on a trailer for hauling boats out of the water. She dragged it up the beach and tied it to a tree close to the cabin. She figured out how to release the ratchet and loosened the cable on the winch.  She pulled the cable down to the place where David lay. There was another length of rope coiled on a rock.  She looped it over his chest and under his arms and knotted it behind his head.  She pulled a canvass tarpaulin off of a small rowboat that was sitting on the sand a few feet from the water.

She spread the tarp on the beach and tried to tuck the leading edge under David’s shoulders. She went up to the winch and began to crank David out of the water.  Although the tarp tended to gather under David’s limp body, it stayed in place sufficiently for Shaynah to drag him onto it. She took the rope from around his chest and attached it to the tarpaulin.  Back at the winch, she was able to turn the crank until David was close to the cabin porch.  He began to regain consciousness, and Shaynah helped him to sit up.

Bit by bit, David was able to get weakly to his feet with Shaynah’s help.  He was not totally aware of his situation when she put his arm across her shoulders and he half walked, half was dragged into the cabin.  Shaynah lay him on the sofa in front of the fireplace.  It was prepared to be lit, with logs and kindling in place.  She took a match from the box of Redbird wooden matches that sat on the mantelpiece and lit the kindling.  While the fire grew and took hold, Shaynah set about removing David’s soaked clothing. He seemed to have passed out again. She ignored the blood that stained her clothes and the sofa.

The adrenalin that had powered Shaynah to do what needed to be done was beginning to lessen.  She stood looking down at the handsome young man.  When she had her arm around him, his arm across her shoulders, it was the first time in her life that she’d had physical closeness with a man.  It was all the more stimulating because he was a young man and very good looking. Although he lived a secular life, he was a Jew.  Tentatively, and with shaking hands, Shaynah undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants.  She was afraid to remove them.  Even with her husband, Jewish law forbade intimacy, especially for pleasure, and sex took place with a sheet between them, only a space for insertion was open.

Shaynah delayed removal of David’s pants by deciding to remove the T-shirt first.  She couldn’t do it in one piece.  She found a scissors in a kitchen drawer and cut the shirt to pieces.  She cut it up the middle of his chest but still couldn’t get it over his arms. She looked down at his chest and gasped at the sight of the muscles and tanned torso.  She fought against her inhibitions and gently passed her hand over his chest, the curly light hair caressed her palm.

Flushed and stimulated as she had never been in her half-century of life in the cult, Shaynah determined to remove all David’s clothes and wrap him warmly as the fire lept and crackled, warming the bearskin rug that lay before the hearth.


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