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By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

Determined to break away from all the severely restrictive rules by which she had been forced to live all her life, Shaynah made herself a super-unkosher  meal.  She prepared a sandwich of ham on cheese with mustard. The Jewish dietary laws forbid consumption of the meat of pigs, and the consuming of any meat with any dairy product is also forbidden.  Shaynah felt bitter about her life.  Her parents had foisted Itzhak onto her so the family business could flourish through an association with Itzhak’s family business.  Then she had to live with a slovenly, ugly, lazy, obese man for most of her life.  The more she tastes of the secular life, the more furious she becomes at the life’s losses she’d suffered.

After she enjoyed her sandwich in front of the television set while watching news.  She began to worry again about David, and called the cabin again on the intercom.  Again, there was no response.  Unable to stop worrying, Shaynah decided to look for him.  Darkness had fallen, so she dressed in some khaki pants she found in a closet, and the flannel shirt.  She decided to not wear her clunky bra, and considered her liberated breasts another step toward freedom. Her breasts were substantial, with large brown nipples. They sagged much more than she would like.  After suckling three children, it couldn’t be avoided.  However, the loose-fitting plaid flannel shirt disguised them and she had no intention of exhibiting them to David or anyone else.

The sky was clear, and there were stars beyond numbers all the way around her, over the horizon.  Overhead, the moon was almost full, and the white light it cast helped her to find her way, slowly and carefully, down the path to the cabin.  When she at last reached it, she peered in the large front window.  The lights were on, and she could see that there was no one in that room.  There were two other rooms where he might have been, so she knocked on the door.  There was no answer, so Shaynah made her way down the path to the dock at the water’s edge.  The moon bathed the scene in a creamy light, and she began to get a sense of foreboding, and it made her nervous.

There was just the slightest roll to the water, sending small waves lapping gently at the glossy rocks lit by moonlight. Even though the sound was gentle, it made Shaynah nervous because in could hide the sound of someone sneaking up along the beach.  David’s persistent absence was adding another level to her anxiety.  She turned to make her way up to the main house and her eyes swept over something in the water, just at the shoreline. She looked back again, and her breath caught in her throat.  It was a body.

Shaynah didn’t want to go near the body.  It was shifting slowly back and forth, rocked by the waves.  She mustered up the gumption and staggered over the slippery, wet rocks.  It was David!  He was floating face up, his shoulders resting on the immersed stones, a darker stain in the water surrounded his head.  Shaynah surmised that he’d been walking on the rocks in the dark, slipped and banged his head and gave himself a concussion.  She could see his chest rise and fall in the wet T-shirt that clung to his body.  She had to get him out of the water and at least up to the cabin.  She’d never get him up to the main house.

She tugged at his arms, but couldn’t move his limp, two-hundred pound body. Shaynah looked around for something… anything she could use to move David.

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