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Better Late – 29

When she emerged from the luxurious bathroom, Shaynah had her plan arranged in her mind, and was prepared to present it to David Goodman. She sat at the counter that separated the living room from the kitchen.

“If I understand correctly, David,” she said, “your only reason for leaving your beloved island is because you’ve had two years of isolation and want to stop that. Other than that, you like your life here, is that correct?”

“That’s correct. When I first came here, I had a girlfriend living with me. We broke up, and I’ve been alone here ever since,” David said.

“What if I lived here with you?” Shayna blurted out.

“What? What do you mean?” David said.

“I buy the Island and live here, with you as an Isle-mate, let’s say.” Shaynah paused and watched the kaleidoscope of expressions sweep across David’s face as he struggled with this unique and improbable scenario.

“Aren’t you afraid of being ostracized by your friends and neighbours,” David said, incredulously, “not to mention your immediate family? You must have grown children, haven’t you?”

“Yes, David, I have adult children,” Shaynah said. Her tone and expression were of resignation. “I am determined to take giant steps away from the painfully restrictive way of life which was forced upon me when I was just a very young girl. I’ve always resented my situation.

I was not permitted access to any contemporary literature or art or even news. I would be on the streets in the ghetto in my ugly clothes, and all around me I’d see beautiful women in beautiful clothes and exciting colours. So please be certain, David, that I don’t care what any of them think or do. I feel that my life has been in a bottle with a cork in it. I’m pulling the cork out, and this wonderful, secluded island is the ‘pop’, like champagne – which I intend to drink with you when we complete our business successfully.”

David was thinking as fast as he could, imagining the possible scenarios that could develop. Shaynah stood up and stepped away from the counter.

“I thought it might be a way for each of us to get what we really want,” Shaynah said. “Each of us needs someone, and each of us like this place. Of course I understand your trepidation, and we would discuss and specify our expectations of each other. I want to say that I realize I’m a great deal older than you are, and I have no desires or designs on you.”

“I’m sorry, Shaynah,” David said. “You caught me off guard. I agree that it would appear to be an answer for each of us.

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