Better Late – 27

Her own clothes were now dry, and Shaynah was about to put them on when she suddenly decided that she should take the bacon example as a lesson. She had eaten the forbidden meat, enjoyed it thoroughly, and there had yet to be any negative effect from it. Shaynah shed the satin pyjamas and took a long look at herself in the mirror. She again decided that she could be a good-looking woman if properly presented. Impulsively, she went to the lingerie drawer and sorted through the sexy, lacy garments she found there.

A pair of bright red panties caught her eye in the mass of filmy white, ivory, and black garments. In her hands, it seemed a weightless wonder. The fabric slid through her fingers like liquid and she was moved to a feeling of simple pleasure she’d never before experienced. Shaynah sighed deeply when she felt the supple fabric brush against her thighs as she pulled the glossy panties up until they engulfed her rounded rump and pubic triangle in thrilling, sensual, red satin.

Shaynah picked up her brassier, and felt the coarse, heavy harness in her hand compared to the weightless, stimulating panties. She tossed the heavy undergarment aside and searched the drawers for a substitute. There she found the mate to the panties. The brassier was all red lace with a red satin circle over each nipple. Shaynah snuggled her pendulous breasts into the lace pockets, slid the straps onto her shoulders and fastened the hook behind her back. She stood back from the mirror and was generally pleased with her appearance. The woman who had worn these garments was much younger than Shaynah, yet they fit very well on her older form. Her thighs were a touch heavier than they should have been and the flesh a bit looser. However, Shaynah thought, her future life would soon firm up and strengthen her body. She moved close to the mirror and was amazed at how radiant the paper-white skin of her breasts appeared where it shone through the red lace of the bra.

In the huge closet Shaynah found garments that she hoped would make her feel comfortable without being homely as she would be in her own clothes. She chose an ankle-length denim skirt and a flowing, loose-fitting blouse in a flower and leaf print. She brushed her short hair forward and down all around. It gave Shaynah a cute, girlish look that she liked. Her face was thin and pretty, aglow with a natural beauty unmarred by cosmetics of any kind. There was an unaccustomed sparkle in Shaynah’s eyes, and Shaynah wondered if it was because of her new-found personal liberty or anticipation of the coming hours alone on Sequester Island with David Goodman.

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