Better Late – 26

“You’ve really never eaten anything in your entire life that wasn’t kosher, Ms. Levy? Is that true?” David said.

“Is it so hard to believe that a person could be totally devoted?” Shaynah said, defensively.

“Well, would a totally devoted person suddenly break some of her religion’s most strict laws after a life within the fold?” David challenged.

“She would if the death of her husband set her free,” Shaynah said. Without another moment’s delay, She plunged her fork into a strip of bacon, cut a piece from it and put it into her mouth. The powerful flavour filled Shaynah’s mouth while she chewed slowly, thoughtfully experiencing the unaccustomed flavour. David watched her intently, anticipating a reaction.

“How do you like it?” he said eagerly.

“It’s wonderful,” Shaynah mumbled through the bacon in her mouth. “Very strong taste, and salty.”

Shaynah drank some orange juice, tore a piece from the toast and used it to pierce the egg yolk and sop up some of the bright yellow liquid to pop into her mouth.

“I just realised that I’m starving,” she said. David smiled and said nothing during the meal. Both of them ate quietly, alone with their thoughts, and the proverbial rhinoceros was in the cottage with them, and nobody mentioned it. Shaynah finished her breakfast first and descended from her stool with her orange juice in hand and walked to the large picture window.

“The storm is clearing away,” she said.

“Yes,” David said while he gathered the dishes into the sink. “I can show you the rest of the island and the main house now.”

“I’ll change,” Shaynah said and hurried to her room. She was disturbed by the feelings that swirled within her. She began to ask herself if the property was her real motivation in coming to this place, or the proprietor of the property? Why had she so hastily and abruptly driven a long way alone, through a storm? Why was she so unashamed of being seen with her hair shorn off? On the other hand, she reasoned, why not? Almost immediately her conscience responded: he’s an atheist; he’s seven years younger; he’s kind and gentle and handsome and he stimulates feelings within me that are new to me, unknown and frightening. But why would he have any interest in me? It’s a ridiculous thought, she reminded herself, and turned her attention to the clothes closet in a quest for something appropriate.

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