Better Late – 25

Shaynah sat on the stool very close to David Goodman. His white T-shirt was tight on his hard body, and his muscles rippled as he moved his arms gracefully about the frying pan. He pushed the sizzling bacon strips around on the pan, preventing them from sticking. Shaynah took care not to reveal the pleasure she felt sitting so close to David. The clean scent that surrounded him was delicious to her senses. It was not perfume or after-shave, and it wasn’t floral or fruity. The only word she could think of to describe it was clean.

The scent of David’s body was eventually overwhelmed by the powerful fragrance of the bacon strips that curled and sizzled in the pan. David pushed them to the side of the and deftly broke 4 eggs into the hot bacon grease and covered them.

“That’s all there is to it,” David said. “The cover will help to cook the tops of the eggs so I won’t have to turn them over. Smells great, doesn’t it?” He dropped slices of bread into the toaster and pushed down the lever.

“Yes, you do… it does,” Shaynah said, and flushed with embarrassment. David seemed to not hear her slip of the tongue. He took two large plates from the cupboard and put them beside the stove. From the refrigerator he took a pitcher of orange juice and poured two large classes full and put them on the counter.

“Perhaps you should move your stool back to the counter and I’ll bring breakfast.” The toast popped up and David quickly and deftly buttered them and put one slice on each of the plates and added two fried eggs and four strips of bacon to each plate.

Shaynah did as David suggested and turned to watch him load the plates and carry them to the counter. He placed one plate of food before Shaynah and took the other for himself. Shaynah picked up her knife and fork and stared at the plate. Two beautifully fried eggs, their bright yolks in their white circles seemed to smile up at her and the fragrance of the crisp bacon strips promised that she’ll love their flavour.

David wasn’t about to start eating before Shaynah started. He picked up his knife and fork and waited. Shaynah looked from her plate to David and back to her plate.

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