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Better Late – 28

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The surrounding forest was dripping wet, drenched by the fierce storm. Now the sun had broken through and the drying process had begun. David Goodman led Shaynah Levy out of the small cabin and up a path toward the main house.

From the outside, it appeared to be a very friendly house. It had a storybook look to it because of the very high, steep, pointed roof (so snow can slide off easily, David had told her). The raw, weathered wood blended well with the natural surroundings of trees and underbrush.

Inside was a warm environment with gentle, buttery-looking pine everywhere. From most every room, large windows looked out on beautiful scenery. The large central living room looked out at the bay they had crossed to get to the island and the mouth of the channel beyond it. The large, stone kitchen had the same view on one wall, and a view into some forest on the other side. A third window looked out at the cabin and the cove beyond it.

“I have to remind you, Mrs. Levy… “

“Shaynah, please, David,” she interrupted. “Call me Shaynah.”

“I must remind you… uh … Shaynah, that it really is not an appropriate, year-round home for a mature woman alone.”

“Have you lived here alone, year round, David?” Shaynah asked.

“Yes, I have,” David said, “but I was writing a book, and wanted solitude. What would you do with twenty-four hours a day, alone on an island?”

“I guess you’re right, David,” she said sadly. “It’s a foolish fantasy. Where are you going to live if you sell this place?”

“I don’t know. I just need a change. The book is finished and I’m looking for a publisher. I’ve been alone here for two years and it’s a long time to be alone, even though I love this place and don’t want to leave it, I don’t have an appealing alternative at the moment.

“Maybe you do, David,” said Shaynah. “Maybe you do. Let’s talk, but first I need the bathroom.”

“To the right of that alcove,” David pointed and Shaynah went.

“Inside the bathroom took Shaynah’s breath away. Mirrored walls tinted with gold rivulets, polished brass fittings everywhere, and of course, a large Jacuzzi tub beside an open alcove where a shower in white tile, big enough for two people, had five shower heads to reach every part of a lucky couple’s body.

Shaynah shocked herself when the image of herself and David Goodman seeped into her mind’s eye. The two of them, naked together in the shower, streams of warm water washing over them amid a cloud of swirling steam. Shaynah reminded herself that such a situation was extremely unlikely. Still, it was a deliciously exciting thought for a recently released Hasidic woman.


Better Late – 27

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Her own clothes were now dry, and Shaynah was about to put them on when she suddenly decided that she should take the bacon example as a lesson. She had eaten the forbidden meat, enjoyed it thoroughly, and there had yet to be any negative effect from it. Shaynah shed the satin pyjamas and took a long look at herself in the mirror. She again decided that she could be a good-looking woman if properly presented. Impulsively, she went to the lingerie drawer and sorted through the sexy, lacy garments she found there.

A pair of bright red panties caught her eye in the mass of filmy white, ivory, and black garments. In her hands, it seemed a weightless wonder. The fabric slid through her fingers like liquid and she was moved to a feeling of simple pleasure she’d never before experienced. Shaynah sighed deeply when she felt the supple fabric brush against her thighs as she pulled the glossy panties up until they engulfed her rounded rump and pubic triangle in thrilling, sensual, red satin.

Shaynah picked up her brassier, and felt the coarse, heavy harness in her hand compared to the weightless, stimulating panties. She tossed the heavy undergarment aside and searched the drawers for a substitute. There she found the mate to the panties. The brassier was all red lace with a red satin circle over each nipple. Shaynah snuggled her pendulous breasts into the lace pockets, slid the straps onto her shoulders and fastened the hook behind her back. She stood back from the mirror and was generally pleased with her appearance. The woman who had worn these garments was much younger than Shaynah, yet they fit very well on her older form. Her thighs were a touch heavier than they should have been and the flesh a bit looser. However, Shaynah thought, her future life would soon firm up and strengthen her body. She moved close to the mirror and was amazed at how radiant the paper-white skin of her breasts appeared where it shone through the red lace of the bra.

In the huge closet Shaynah found garments that she hoped would make her feel comfortable without being homely as she would be in her own clothes. She chose an ankle-length denim skirt and a flowing, loose-fitting blouse in a flower and leaf print. She brushed her short hair forward and down all around. It gave Shaynah a cute, girlish look that she liked. Her face was thin and pretty, aglow with a natural beauty unmarred by cosmetics of any kind. There was an unaccustomed sparkle in Shaynah’s eyes, and Shaynah wondered if it was because of her new-found personal liberty or anticipation of the coming hours alone on Sequester Island with David Goodman.

Better Late – 26

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“You’ve really never eaten anything in your entire life that wasn’t kosher, Ms. Levy? Is that true?” David said.

“Is it so hard to believe that a person could be totally devoted?” Shaynah said, defensively.

“Well, would a totally devoted person suddenly break some of her religion’s most strict laws after a life within the fold?” David challenged.

“She would if the death of her husband set her free,” Shaynah said. Without another moment’s delay, She plunged her fork into a strip of bacon, cut a piece from it and put it into her mouth. The powerful flavour filled Shaynah’s mouth while she chewed slowly, thoughtfully experiencing the unaccustomed flavour. David watched her intently, anticipating a reaction.

“How do you like it?” he said eagerly.

“It’s wonderful,” Shaynah mumbled through the bacon in her mouth. “Very strong taste, and salty.”

Shaynah drank some orange juice, tore a piece from the toast and used it to pierce the egg yolk and sop up some of the bright yellow liquid to pop into her mouth.

“I just realised that I’m starving,” she said. David smiled and said nothing during the meal. Both of them ate quietly, alone with their thoughts, and the proverbial rhinoceros was in the cottage with them, and nobody mentioned it. Shaynah finished her breakfast first and descended from her stool with her orange juice in hand and walked to the large picture window.

“The storm is clearing away,” she said.

“Yes,” David said while he gathered the dishes into the sink. “I can show you the rest of the island and the main house now.”

“I’ll change,” Shaynah said and hurried to her room. She was disturbed by the feelings that swirled within her. She began to ask herself if the property was her real motivation in coming to this place, or the proprietor of the property? Why had she so hastily and abruptly driven a long way alone, through a storm? Why was she so unashamed of being seen with her hair shorn off? On the other hand, she reasoned, why not? Almost immediately her conscience responded: he’s an atheist; he’s seven years younger; he’s kind and gentle and handsome and he stimulates feelings within me that are new to me, unknown and frightening. But why would he have any interest in me? It’s a ridiculous thought, she reminded herself, and turned her attention to the clothes closet in a quest for something appropriate.

Better Late – 25

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Shaynah sat on the stool very close to David Goodman. His white T-shirt was tight on his hard body, and his muscles rippled as he moved his arms gracefully about the frying pan. He pushed the sizzling bacon strips around on the pan, preventing them from sticking. Shaynah took care not to reveal the pleasure she felt sitting so close to David. The clean scent that surrounded him was delicious to her senses. It was not perfume or after-shave, and it wasn’t floral or fruity. The only word she could think of to describe it was clean.

The scent of David’s body was eventually overwhelmed by the powerful fragrance of the bacon strips that curled and sizzled in the pan. David pushed them to the side of the and deftly broke 4 eggs into the hot bacon grease and covered them.

“That’s all there is to it,” David said. “The cover will help to cook the tops of the eggs so I won’t have to turn them over. Smells great, doesn’t it?” He dropped slices of bread into the toaster and pushed down the lever.

“Yes, you do… it does,” Shaynah said, and flushed with embarrassment. David seemed to not hear her slip of the tongue. He took two large plates from the cupboard and put them beside the stove. From the refrigerator he took a pitcher of orange juice and poured two large classes full and put them on the counter.

“Perhaps you should move your stool back to the counter and I’ll bring breakfast.” The toast popped up and David quickly and deftly buttered them and put one slice on each of the plates and added two fried eggs and four strips of bacon to each plate.

Shaynah did as David suggested and turned to watch him load the plates and carry them to the counter. He placed one plate of food before Shaynah and took the other for himself. Shaynah picked up her knife and fork and stared at the plate. Two beautifully fried eggs, their bright yolks in their white circles seemed to smile up at her and the fragrance of the crisp bacon strips promised that she’ll love their flavour.

David wasn’t about to start eating before Shaynah started. He picked up his knife and fork and waited. Shaynah looked from her plate to David and back to her plate.

Better Late – 24

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The fragrance of fresh-brewed coffee permeated the air. Shaynah suddenly realised she’d left her kosher meals in her car at the marina. She looked at the windows and saw that they were still streaked with harsh rain that was driven by the gusting wind off the water. It would be ridiculous to endure that tedious boat ride again. Besides, she was famished.

“Can I get you some coffee?” David said. He was suffering some inhibition with this attractive, older woman in his guesthouse kitchen. It ceased to matter that she was seven years older than he when he saw her in Janine’s satin pyjamas. It began to matter that she was a Hassidic woman, and he felt confused and unsure about how to behave toward her. It hadn’t mattered before, when she was a bedraggled mess in ugly clothing. But now she looked clean and pure and even innocent with her close-cropped black hair with tints of silver glinting in the kitchen light. The ivory coloured satin draped down her body and revealed that she was slim, with long legs that were a bit heavy in the thigh, an inviting mound to her stomach, and substantial if not youthful breasts.

“I guess I have to taste secular life sooner or later, so I might as well start now,” Shaynah said. She accepted the white mug from David.

“Sweetener or sugar and milk or cream?” he said.

“Thanks, no,” she said. “I’ll try it like this.” Shaynah tasted the coffee tentatively. “M-m-m, good,” she said.

“Thank you,” David said. “What would you like to have for breakfast?” Shaynah thought about it for a moment, her mind jumping around among all the secular foods she’d never tasted. She was filled with annoyance at her own hesitation and was moved to plunge headlong into new eating habits.

“Do you have ham?” she said.

“No, no ham. I have some bacon,” David said.

“I’d like some bacon and eggs, please,” she said. David stared at her. “It’s alright, Mr. Goodman. I’ve always wondered what it tasted like. I’ve smelled it cooking sometimes, and it’s a wonderful fragrance, isn’t it?”

“I love it, personally,” David said. “Have you ever eaten secular before? Especially pork?”

“No, never,” she said. “Don’t you think it’s time? I’m forty-four. How… uh… how old are you, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I’ll turn thirty-seven next month,” he said. “So you’re determined to leave your religion, are you? Or are you just going to experience some of society’s secular behaviour before you settle down as a widow?”

“I hope to settle into a life as totally different from my Hassidic life as possible,” Shaynah said. “I feel I’ve served my family, my synagogue, and even my husband as well as any woman could. My children are able to live their lives as they wish, and I’m claiming my right as an adult to do the same. May I watch how you prepare the meal?” David didn’t answer, but simply pulled a tall stool from the counter to his side at the stove and gestured for Shaynah to sit there.

Better Late – 23

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In the luxurious bathroom, Shaynah performed her routine ablutions, cleansing herself for the day ahead. In front of the broad closet, she sorted through the array of varied garments. Tentatively, she tried on a pair of long, loose pyjamas of pale ivory satin. She slipped into the long button-up top and tied the satin tie around her waist. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror and was startled at the elegant woman she saw there. Shaynah was reminded of a poster she had seen on a movie theatre marquee. On it, a man in a tailcoat was dancing with a woman in a flowing garment similar to which Shaynah now wore. She realised that she longed for the freedom to go to movies, junk food and read fashion magazines.

Shaynah fluffed her short hair and checked her appearance in the large mirror. She was looking for the confidence to leave the bedroom for the inevitable encounter David Goodman. She had never before, in all her forty-four years, tried to look attractive in a secular way. Finally she put her hand on the door handle, took a deep breath and stepped out into the living room. David was sipping black coffee at the counter in the kitchen alcove that was open to the large main room.

“I didn’t know if you would want something to eat,” he said when he heard her door open. “Obviously, I don’t have a kosher… .” David stopped in mid-word when he looked up and saw her standing there in the flowing, cream-coloured satin pyjamas. He looked her up and down, slack-jawed. Shaynah thought he’d been stricken by something and instinctively hurried to him to grasp his arm.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Shaynah gasped and clutched David’s tanned biceps to steady him. David looked down into her face, which glowed with the untainted beauty of her alabaster complexion and smoothly defined features. When he spoke, his voice was thick with unexpected emotion.

“The way you look in that outfit. I hope it doesn’t offend you, but I have to say that you look wonderful. Like a movie star, in that outfit.” David said.

A thrilling gush of emotion exploded in Shaynah’s body as the first words of admiration from outside her immediate family fell upon her starved psyche. She looked down at her hands, like delicate white doves on David’s bulging, browned biceps. She gasped and pulled her hands from his arm, and a rush of passion weakened Shaynah’s knees. New feelings and new thoughts were bouncing about in her small, round head and she sat on a tall stool by the kitchen counter and gathered her stampeding emotions together.

Better Late – 22

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Shaynah surveyed the room, and was impressed with the calm good taste in which the spacious bedroom had been decorated. The double bed had a simple headboard in tasteful pine that had mellowed into a warm tone that was perfect against the pastel tangerine wall. The wall that faced the seething open water was mostly window, and so insulated that the room was silent in spite of the raging storm she saw outside. In a third wall there was a pastel green door half open to reveal a large, sparkling white bathroom. Mirrored sliding cupboard doors took up most of the rest of the wall.

Shaynah was shocked when she saw her image in the large mirror. The proverbial drowned rat couldn’t have looked worse. She slid a door aside and saw several different garments hanging neatly, many pairs of shoes on the closet floor, as well as a coat and a jacket. She went to the dresser that stood beside the door she’d entered through and opened the drawers. The top two were empty, but the bottom drawer was filled with exotic lingerie, patterned pantyhose, and even mesh stockings.

Shaynah handled the delicate undergarments, sniffed the clean fragrance of them, and was thrilled by the lightness and the shimmering sensuality of the nearly weightless fabrics. She hurriedly stripped off her coarse clothing and showered. Fatigued by the drive, the stresses of her encounter with David Goodman, the long, harrowing boat ride and the trauma of her rapidly changing values, she slipped into the comfortable bed and was soon in asleep.
Shaynah’s nap became a deep sleep, and her night passed more restfully than ever she could remember. She woke slowly and comfortably, completely aware of where she was. It was as if the dream she’d enjoyed during sleep merged naturally into the wakened reality. The life lived by David Goodman gripped her in a fist of temptation the like of which she’d never before experienced. It was as if the life imposed upon her by her marriage to Itzhak Gnavisch had been a sealed, airtight container and his death served to break the seal and permit a lifetime of frustration, curiosity, and secret desire to burst free. Irrationally, Shaynah had thoughts that her life might end before she ever experienced the secular life that appeared to be so exciting and stimulating in the society around her. It was as if she had been in an impenetrable fortress, walled against a sea of secular invaders. The walls had been breached by Itzhak’s demise and now Shaynah Levy hastened through her dreary past toward the warm light of personal liberty.