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Better Late – 13

Shaynah turned onto an even darker, quieter street. Here there were no parked cars, and the only people were women in outrageously revealing outfits, strutting along or lounging together under streetlights. Shaynah had heard of these women… in fact she had heard that her late husband, Itzhak Gnavisch was a frequent customer of these courvehs who did sex for money. She didn’t care, and was happy that she didn’t have to make physical contact with him more than once a year or so.

“Looking for a party, lady?” one of the girls on the street called out to Shaynah as she drove slowly along the dark street.

“No thank you,” Shaynah answered, and wondered what kind of party the girl meant.

“Want a new experience?” a petite black girl called out. “I can show you the ropes.”

Shaynah accelerated and drove more quickly down the street and turned for home at the first corner. The black girl’s words rang in her head… a new experience. Shaynah realised that at 44 she had almost no experience. No experience in social behaviour in the secular community, no experience in the foods they ate, and certainly no experience in love or sex. Shaynah imagined that some of the teenage girls she saw on the streets and in the sidewalk cafes had far more experience than she, even though she had three children. She turned for home, determined to learn more about that beautiful home on Sequester Island. Perhaps she might be able to learn even more about secular society from David Goodman.

Mister Goodman… David had written “…if you wish to experience it in person, please get back to me.” Flushed with excitement, determined to fill the remainder of her life with the colours, flavours, fragrances and activities of the liberated society that surrounded her, Shaynah Levy hurried home. The night was warm and dark. Wisps of cloud drifted across the face of the moon when Shaynah paused on her grand veranda to look up at the heavens. With a half-prayer and a half-wish, she expressed to the moon and to herself a desire for strength and intelligence. She didn’t question her desire to make the transition out of the severely restrictive life she’d agreed to live and into a secular life of experience and adventure.

Shaynah prepared a bath in the large Jacuzzi tub that had been installed for the therapy that Itzhak Gnavisch needed for his severely flawed legs. Shaynah had secretly believed that the misshapen legs and feet of the Gnavisch family was because of the intermarriage among cousins. She was filled with relief each time she could see that her new-born infant was not similarly afflicted.

She had rarely used the soothing massage of the Jacuzzi jets while Itzhak was alive. She felt it was somehow dirty, or tainted by him. After his death, when she was filling time in her mourning period, Shaynah had scrubbed and cleaned the large tub thoroughly, until it appeared to have never been used by anyone. She felt this was a perfect time to initiate the fresh, clean Jacuzzi. Symbolically, Shaynah imagined it to be a reverse Mikvah, the cleansing bath that is required by gentile women if they convert to Judaism. Shaynah was converting from a Hassidic sect, a severe form of Judaism, to become a secular Jewish woman.

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