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Better Late – 11

“You want coffee?” he said over his shoulder. The woman didn’t answer, but followed him up the stairs. David filled and started a coffee maker and went to his computer. He saw the incoming mail icon and opened Shaynah’s email. He began to laugh to himself, but didn’t let on that he had Shaynah’s response to his ad. David hoped Janine didn’t learn of his ad online because he didn’t want his ex-girlfriend to know his business. He decided to wait until she’d left before he responded to Shaynah’s email. David and Janine drank their coffee in relative silence, passing just a few innocuous comments between them about subjects of no consequence. Afterward, they returned to the boat and set about checking all the hardware and lines, all the while talking casually about the sailing strategy that would be most likely to win over his friendly competitor, Leo.

Shaynah tried to put the lovely island home out of her thoughts. She was mesmerised by the idea that a person could live in a beautiful, luxurious home isolated from society by what amounted to a giant moat, like that which had surrounded ancient castles and fiefdoms. This little island could become her of fiefdom… her own municipality, where she could do as she pleased, welcome those she wished to see and banish any she wished to avoid. These thoughts haunted her, nagged her, and she was uncharacteristically impatient to get a response from David Goodman. So tortured was she by her anxieties that she contemplated using the phone number that the video had provided. At the same time, she was overwhelmed with inhibition, and feared that she’d be struck dumb at the sound of his voice in her ear. Shaynah was agitated as never in her life, and wondered at her own foolish impatience and anxiety about something that didn’t matter. She was unable to imagine any sequence by which she could successfully purchase and live upon that lovely island in the deep blue water. Shaynah was about to go out for a walk to calm herself when she heard her computer ding that an email had arrived. She opened the mail and eagerly scanned David’s response. He used his favourite style in responding, putting his answers between the lines of Shaynah’s query, in a different typeface. Shaynah had never seen that technique before, and it made her feel like she was conversing with David Goodman face to face.

“Mister Goodman, I am interested in your property and have some questions that I hope you will not mind to answer.
“I will answer any question about the property completely and honestly.”

“I am a Jewish woman alone, and I think you might be Jewish because Goodman is usually a Jewish name. If you are Jewish, where do you worship? Is there a congregation nearby?
“That is not exactly about the property, but yes, I come from a Jewish family. I am not interested in any religion, so I suppose I’m an atheist. Even if I did want to worship, I doubt if there’s a synagogue within 100 miles of here.”

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