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Starbound – (fourteen)

“My parents called me every scumbag name under the sun, accusing me of being a whoring tramp. A worthless piece of shit. I went to the police and they interviewed the boys and their dates about the night of the dance. The boys said they didn’t know anything about it, and the girls swore none of the boys had left the dance for a second.

“After that, life was even more unbearable. I figured, nothing can be worse than this life, so I struck out for the city to see what can happen. And here I am.”

Life for Sylvia moved along quite quickly as she began to rehearse with “The Bitches”. She was the only white girl, and she was positioned to the right of the other two backup singers.

Throughout the round of rehearsals, the engineer, Alan, was growing ever closer to Sylvia. He was married and had a toddler daughter that he loved, and he didn’t realize how strong the draw toward the new girl was becoming. He was filled with desire to be alone with her, to touch her and perhaps seduce her.

Alan’s job, between concerts and rehearsals, was to electronically enhance Sylvia’s voice. She was becoming a fan favourite because of her fabulous figure and enthralling moves. It became important to the group’s managers that the focus be partly on Sylvia. As the crowd goes, so goes the money. As the money goes, so go the managers, agents, and promoters.

The lead singer, who started The Bitches on their climb to the top of the charts, was becoming irritated by the popularity earned by Sylvia. Her name is Danarh Cooper, and she eventually decided she’d been too long with the group and announced that she was going to launch a solo career. The group and its crew were not too upset about it, because Danarh had been gradually declining in popularity for some time. As well, she had increased her cocaine dependency by an unmanageable amount.

During this time of upheaval, Alan was rapidly developing some technology and the techniques to go with it, which gave Sylvia’s voice a truly stimulating quality.  For his private profession, when he was not engaged by The Bitches, Alan maintained a studio in his country house. It was a favourite recording facility with many top artists, from symphonic orchestras to heavy metal to folk singers.

Alan took Sylvia to the remote studio in a verdant forest near a small river that snaked through the trees. Alone together at last. Sylvia, of course, was well aware of Alan’s feelings. It was almost impossible for anyone to not see the signs.


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