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Starbound – (thirteen)

“My father is very ambitious and has strong, innate intelligence. He worked hard, and made very shrewd business moves, one by one. He stayed in Whitewood because he was doing well there. He owns the supermarket, the best restaurant, the building supply company, the movie theater, a ladies’ fashion shop and a men’s fashion shop, both in a small shopping center that he also owns. I don’t know what all else.

“So I start high school. I’m a Jewess, and let’s face it, better looking and better built than most, and also top of the class in my studies. The hatred all around me is piling up. Daughter of that little Jew bastard that makes money off of all of us, owning everywhere we need to get stuff.

“The icing on the mess is my mother. She’s a real pig. Fat, ugly, wears a ton of jewellery no matter where she goes. Fur coats, fancy boots, flashy clothes, and drives around in a yellow Mercedes convertible. She’s loud and illiterate, abuses salespeople, abuses waitresses, parks wherever she wants – just everything you can imagine that is offensive and low.”

“Just proves again that quality has nothing to do with money,” Allen said. “Still, it must have been a difficult decision to leave a financially secure situation to traipse of into the unknown.”

“Not really. I never was asked out on a date, and I was the target of disgusting attacks by the girls. It seems the boys talked about what they’d like to do to me, and how they wished their girls were as sexy as I looked.

“There was a really big school dance coming up, and I was sorry I wouldn’t be going, as usual. To my surprise, I was asked to be the date of Herb Touret. He was no gem, but he was a jock and fairly nice so I was glad to go with him. I bought a gorgeous peach-coloured formal dress and was ready to go when Herb picked me up.

“We went to the dance, and I had a pretty good time. Most of the guys who played on the football team with Herb asked me to dance, and Herb danced with me a lot. He was a pretty good dancer. I was surprised.

“When the band went for their break, Herb walked me out into the cool night. A bright moon illuminated the walking path through the stand of hardwood forest along the side of the campus. There’s a picnic area in the midst of the trees, and we sat on the bench seat of a picnic table, just talking. Suddenly the guys from the football team came out of the trees. Herb held me until four of them grabbed me and spread me out on the table. One by one, they raped me for about half an hour, then just left me on the table and went back into the dance. My dress was torn and dirty. My makeup was smeared all over my face like a drunken clown. I called a taxi and went home.

“Couldn’t you scream for help?” Marnie said.

“They had an S&M headgear that held a ball in my mouth. Three of the guys had a second go at me, this time in my ass. They laughed and said my pussy was too sloppy after all that cum.

“Did your go after the bastards, legally I mean?” Allen said, incredulous.

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