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Starbound – (ten)

“Move down to the stage now. They’ll call for you any minute.” Marnie said.

“I’m gonna pee my pants, Marnie. I’m scared.” Sylvia whispered. The tall guy in front of the stage looked up at the engineer.

“Are we done at last, Allen?” he said.

“Last one, Bernie,” Allen replied.

“God, I hope she’s better than what we’ve seen so far,” Bernie grumbled and sat down to face the stage. “Okay, bring her on, and hurry. I can’t take much more of this.”

Marnie physically pulled Sylvia up out of her seat and hustled her down the aisle.

“Here comes the girl you’re looking for, Bernie,” Marnie brazenly called out.

“Marnie, what are you doing?” Sylvia said.

“I’m promoting you, Sweetie,” Marnie said. “Now get up there and do your thing.”

Sylvia mounted the stage nervously and walked to the center. Allen, the engineer was stricken by Sylvia’s remarkable beauty. Even her gently swaying walk exuded sensuality. Allen put a red spotlight on her and dimmed the auditorium lights.

“Allen,” Bernie complained, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I have a feeling about this one, Bernie.” He started Sylvia’s music, which was chosen by Marnie from The Bitches own library of songs.

Sylvia strode across the stage, her perfectly formed, long legs carried her smoothly, with a gait that alone created excitement. She began to sing.

“We don’t have to fear tomorrow
Or hide our deepest feeling
Life is only ours to borrow
And love times ours for stealing.”

Allen’s face was illuminated by the glow of his control panel as he made adjustments to Sylvia’s voice. As she continued, he was able to enhance and amplify her singing that was just adequate, until the sound was right for anyone who wanted to join The Bitches.

“The time will come for each of us
To choose to love or die
Life can be an endless fuss
Or we can let it lie.”

Sylvia’s vocalizing was punctuated by her graceful movements, and the sensuality that poured from the stage. Allen was beginning to want to know this girl that appeared to be different from most. As her performance went along, Sylvia became more and more bold and confident. She forgot about the audience of experts, and simply enjoyed herself as she always did when she was performing. She was carried away by the music, and used every inch of the stage for her movements that seemed to be created by the music, rather than for the music. When it ended, Sylvia was winded and walked to the steps down from the stage.

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