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Starbound – (eighth)

Outside the large glass wall the night was still dark when Sylvia woke up in Marnie’s suspended bed.  She awakened slowly, feeling warm and comfortable on the large mattress.  The recollections of the hours of lovemaking prior to her slumber made her feel secure in spite of their uniqueness.  She had enjoyed Marnie’s caresses.  The girl’s large, black hands and powerful body had given pleasures similar to those Sylvia experienced from the large, full lips.  Marnie had been much slower and gentler than the men with whom Sylvia was experienced had been.  She was always disappointed in the way her lovers focused on their own performance and their own satisfaction.  Marnie’s mouth had been far more adept, and every touch of her hands had been more to give to Sylvia than to take from her.  Sylvia rolled her head on the pillow and was disappointed to find that Marnie was not beside her.

          “So!  Awake at last, eh, Sweetie?”  Marnie’s voice came from the far corner of the loft, in the kitchen area.  The smell of coffee reached Sylvia’s nostrils.  Marnie strode slowly and sensually across the carpet that covered the wooden floor in the middle of the large room.  She reached the edge of the bed and stood smiling down at Sylvia.  Sylvia smiled back up at her with a little girl look on her face.  She lifted her slender, white arms up toward Marnie who knelt beside the bed and let the small arms wrap around her neck.  They kissed gently, holding their mouths together for several seconds.

          “Thank you for a lovely evening”, Sylvia whispered into the black ear that was close to her small, pink mouth.  Marnie slid her face down over Sylvia’s soft breasts, over the flat stomach and kissed the dark triangle of hair below it.  Sylvia moaned softly and slid her legs apart.  Marnie lifted one of Sylvia’s legs and placed it over her shoulder so she could lower her face into the moist fragrance that was revealed.

Half an hour later the girls sat on the soft sofa sipping coffee.  Sylvia turned to Marnie.

          “How can I be ready for the ‘Bitches’ audition”, she said.

          “You’re ready now, Sweetie”, Marnie replied.  “I’ll fix you up with the right thing to wear, and I’ll go with you to the audition, for moral support.  But I’m telling you right now, Sweetie, you ARE ready and you WILL knock them dead”.

          “You’re too sweet, Marnie”, Sylvia said.  “You really are”.

          “I’m sweet am I”, said Marnie.  She spread her legs open and pulled her silk robe aside.  Sylvia put her coffee mug on the table and slid to her knees in front of Marnie.

Sylvia and Marnie arrived at the Ratchford studio on Wednesday afternoon.  Shawna had arranged it for Sylvia, but she would have to audition last.

          “That’s good!” Marnie enthused.  “You’ll be able to watch the other babes, and maybe get some ideas”.

          “I don’t need ideas.  I’m just afraid I’ll see some others with great voices, bodies, and moves.  I’m not ready for this, Marnie.  This is a mistake.”

          “Do you have any reason to mistrust me, Sylvia?  Do you think my opinion is crap?”

          “No, Marnie.  Of course not.”

          “Well then shut the fuck up, and stop psyching yourself out.”

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