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Starbound – (seventh)

Without a word, Marnie separated herself from Sylvia and took her by the hand.  She pressed a button on the wall and the suspended bed descended silently to within comfortable seating level.  She led Sylvia to the bed and sat her down on the edge.  She lit the joint with a lighter that sat on a bedside table that was attached to the green tufted headboard of the bed.  She handed the smouldering joint to Sylvia who put it to her lips and drew deeply on it while Marnie swung her legs up onto the bed and stretched out to her full length.  Sylvia twisted around and handed the joint to Marnie before she stretched out beside the black girl.  She was curious about the woman’s strong body, wondering how different it might be from a man’s.  She had never had a lesbian experience.

          “Do you ever miss being a man”, Sylvia asked softly.

          “Sometimes”, said Marnie, handing the joint back to Sylvia.  “When I see a woman I’d like to make love with, but who would not welcome advances from another woman, I wish I had my man’s body”.  Sylvia finished the joint and dropped the roach into a ceramic ashtray on the bedside table.  She turned and raised up on one elbow to look down into Marnie’s face on the plump, white pillow.

          “I wouldn’t find advances from you unwelcome right now, Marnie”, said Sylvia.  She leaned down and again buried her small mouth in Marnie’s full, red lips.  Marnie responded hotly.  Her large hands caressed Sylvia’s smooth body, deftly undoing the small clips that held the costume together.  Sylvia slipped her hand under Marnie’s skirt and panties to run her fingers through the coarse mat of hair she found there.

          “Are you sure you want to do this, Sylvia”, said Marnie.  “It might be the grass making you feel this way, and you might regret it later”.

          “I’ll only regret it, Marnie, if you aren’t a good lover”.

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