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Starbound – (ten)

March 27, 2014 Leave a comment

“Move down to the stage now. They’ll call for you any minute.” Marnie said.

“I’m gonna pee my pants, Marnie. I’m scared.” Sylvia whispered. The tall guy in front of the stage looked up at the engineer.

“Are we done at last, Allen?” he said.

“Last one, Bernie,” Allen replied.

“God, I hope she’s better than what we’ve seen so far,” Bernie grumbled and sat down to face the stage. “Okay, bring her on, and hurry. I can’t take much more of this.”

Marnie physically pulled Sylvia up out of her seat and hustled her down the aisle.

“Here comes the girl you’re looking for, Bernie,” Marnie brazenly called out.

“Marnie, what are you doing?” Sylvia said.

“I’m promoting you, Sweetie,” Marnie said. “Now get up there and do your thing.”

Sylvia mounted the stage nervously and walked to the center. Allen, the engineer was stricken by Sylvia’s remarkable beauty. Even her gently swaying walk exuded sensuality. Allen put a red spotlight on her and dimmed the auditorium lights.

“Allen,” Bernie complained, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I have a feeling about this one, Bernie.” He started Sylvia’s music, which was chosen by Marnie from The Bitches own library of songs.

Sylvia strode across the stage, her perfectly formed, long legs carried her smoothly, with a gait that alone created excitement. She began to sing.

“We don’t have to fear tomorrow
Or hide our deepest feeling
Life is only ours to borrow
And love times ours for stealing.”

Allen’s face was illuminated by the glow of his control panel as he made adjustments to Sylvia’s voice. As she continued, he was able to enhance and amplify her singing that was just adequate, until the sound was right for anyone who wanted to join The Bitches.

“The time will come for each of us
To choose to love or die
Life can be an endless fuss
Or we can let it lie.”

Sylvia’s vocalizing was punctuated by her graceful movements, and the sensuality that poured from the stage. Allen was beginning to want to know this girl that appeared to be different from most. As her performance went along, Sylvia became more and more bold and confident. She forgot about the audience of experts, and simply enjoyed herself as she always did when she was performing. She was carried away by the music, and used every inch of the stage for her movements that seemed to be created by the music, rather than for the music. When it ended, Sylvia was winded and walked to the steps down from the stage.

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Starbound – (nine)

March 19, 2014 Leave a comment

The room was a medium sized auditorium that could seat perhaps two hundred people with a stage down at the bottom of the steep slant of rows of seats.  In the middle of the audience was the control center where an engineer sat at a complex panel of switches, knobs, gauges and slots of levers. Scattered among the empty seats were the other hopefuls, some in pairs, most alone.

Down close to the stage there were people in the first two rows.  In the front row there was a tall, thin, feminine man in a paisley shirt open to the waist.  He suddenly jumped to his feet.  His loose fitting white cotton trousers flapped around his long, thin legs as he strode back and forth before the stage.  Every movement clearly showed agitation.  He sat down for a few seconds before he leaped to his feet again, and called to the engineer with the headset, seated at the console.

“What’s the story, Allen?” he snapped.

“She’s ready,” Allen replied through the loud speakers.  The agitated man sat stiffly in a front row seat.

“Let’s go, please. Let’s go already,” he shouted to the engineer.

The house lights dimmed and the stage lights brightened.  A tall, lean black girl walked out from the backstage wings to center stage.  She carried a tall stool with her.  She set the stool in the center of the stage. The engineer started the pre-recorded music, something very raucous and percussive.

The dancer began her moves as if she was doing a strip routine.  She writhed around the tall stool, struck seductive poses, and then began to sing.  Surprisingly, her voice was not bad, but the song she’d chosen was not in the Bitches genre.

The tall, thin man in the white pants stood up and waved his arms about in agitation.

“Stop! Stop that music,” he shouted. A second later, as the music ended, he turned to the dancer.

“Thank you, miss,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.  “Obviously, you should not be here.  Totally unsuitable.  Good luck and goodbye.”

“Fuck you, faggot,” the girl snarled, and ran off into the wings.  Two girls who were waiting their turn a few rows ahead of Sylvia and Marnie stood up and hastily left the room.

“I guess some of your competition had given up in advance,” Marnie whispered.

“I should do the same.  This is gonna be a disaster.”

There was one girl remaining before Sylvia got her turn.  The girl was tall, thin, white, and her head was shaved.  Again, her voice was very good, the song was well chosen, but she barely moved on stage.  Just a bit of gentle swaying as her voice rang out, clear and pleasant.

“Oh shit, Marnie,” Sylvia whispered.  “I’m a dead duck.  Listen to that voice.”

“But she doesn’t move.”

“The Bitches are a singing group!” Sylvia moaned.

“Get it straight, Sweetie.  It’s a show.  Costumes, glitter, fire and smoke are all part of it, and the right moves by the girls is what puts it over.  Especially on stage.  Nobody can hear anything in a live concert ‘cause of the screaming.  Everybody’s so stoned, they don’t care anyway.”

“But studio recordings…” Sylvia whined.

“Don’t be so fucking naïve, Sylvia.  For one thing, they can alter your voice a dozen ways, ‘til it has the sound they want.  Besides, anyone could do the studio recording – who would know?” Marnie explained.

Sylvia and Marnie were the last people in the auditorium.

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Starbound – (eighth)

March 15, 2014 Leave a comment

Outside the large glass wall the night was still dark when Sylvia woke up in Marnie’s suspended bed.  She awakened slowly, feeling warm and comfortable on the large mattress.  The recollections of the hours of lovemaking prior to her slumber made her feel secure in spite of their uniqueness.  She had enjoyed Marnie’s caresses.  The girl’s large, black hands and powerful body had given pleasures similar to those Sylvia experienced from the large, full lips.  Marnie had been much slower and gentler than the men with whom Sylvia was experienced had been.  She was always disappointed in the way her lovers focused on their own performance and their own satisfaction.  Marnie’s mouth had been far more adept, and every touch of her hands had been more to give to Sylvia than to take from her.  Sylvia rolled her head on the pillow and was disappointed to find that Marnie was not beside her.

          “So!  Awake at last, eh, Sweetie?”  Marnie’s voice came from the far corner of the loft, in the kitchen area.  The smell of coffee reached Sylvia’s nostrils.  Marnie strode slowly and sensually across the carpet that covered the wooden floor in the middle of the large room.  She reached the edge of the bed and stood smiling down at Sylvia.  Sylvia smiled back up at her with a little girl look on her face.  She lifted her slender, white arms up toward Marnie who knelt beside the bed and let the small arms wrap around her neck.  They kissed gently, holding their mouths together for several seconds.

          “Thank you for a lovely evening”, Sylvia whispered into the black ear that was close to her small, pink mouth.  Marnie slid her face down over Sylvia’s soft breasts, over the flat stomach and kissed the dark triangle of hair below it.  Sylvia moaned softly and slid her legs apart.  Marnie lifted one of Sylvia’s legs and placed it over her shoulder so she could lower her face into the moist fragrance that was revealed.

Half an hour later the girls sat on the soft sofa sipping coffee.  Sylvia turned to Marnie.

          “How can I be ready for the ‘Bitches’ audition”, she said.

          “You’re ready now, Sweetie”, Marnie replied.  “I’ll fix you up with the right thing to wear, and I’ll go with you to the audition, for moral support.  But I’m telling you right now, Sweetie, you ARE ready and you WILL knock them dead”.

          “You’re too sweet, Marnie”, Sylvia said.  “You really are”.

          “I’m sweet am I”, said Marnie.  She spread her legs open and pulled her silk robe aside.  Sylvia put her coffee mug on the table and slid to her knees in front of Marnie.

Sylvia and Marnie arrived at the Ratchford studio on Wednesday afternoon.  Shawna had arranged it for Sylvia, but she would have to audition last.

          “That’s good!” Marnie enthused.  “You’ll be able to watch the other babes, and maybe get some ideas”.

          “I don’t need ideas.  I’m just afraid I’ll see some others with great voices, bodies, and moves.  I’m not ready for this, Marnie.  This is a mistake.”

          “Do you have any reason to mistrust me, Sylvia?  Do you think my opinion is crap?”

          “No, Marnie.  Of course not.”

          “Well then shut the fuck up, and stop psyching yourself out.”

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Starbound – (seventh)

March 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Without a word, Marnie separated herself from Sylvia and took her by the hand.  She pressed a button on the wall and the suspended bed descended silently to within comfortable seating level.  She led Sylvia to the bed and sat her down on the edge.  She lit the joint with a lighter that sat on a bedside table that was attached to the green tufted headboard of the bed.  She handed the smouldering joint to Sylvia who put it to her lips and drew deeply on it while Marnie swung her legs up onto the bed and stretched out to her full length.  Sylvia twisted around and handed the joint to Marnie before she stretched out beside the black girl.  She was curious about the woman’s strong body, wondering how different it might be from a man’s.  She had never had a lesbian experience.

          “Do you ever miss being a man”, Sylvia asked softly.

          “Sometimes”, said Marnie, handing the joint back to Sylvia.  “When I see a woman I’d like to make love with, but who would not welcome advances from another woman, I wish I had my man’s body”.  Sylvia finished the joint and dropped the roach into a ceramic ashtray on the bedside table.  She turned and raised up on one elbow to look down into Marnie’s face on the plump, white pillow.

          “I wouldn’t find advances from you unwelcome right now, Marnie”, said Sylvia.  She leaned down and again buried her small mouth in Marnie’s full, red lips.  Marnie responded hotly.  Her large hands caressed Sylvia’s smooth body, deftly undoing the small clips that held the costume together.  Sylvia slipped her hand under Marnie’s skirt and panties to run her fingers through the coarse mat of hair she found there.

          “Are you sure you want to do this, Sylvia”, said Marnie.  “It might be the grass making you feel this way, and you might regret it later”.

          “I’ll only regret it, Marnie, if you aren’t a good lover”.


March 4, 2014 Leave a comment

          “How would you like to try out as Shawna’s replacement?” said Marnie as she filled her coffee maker.

          “I… I’d love to.  But I’m not sure I’m ready”, Sylvia said.

          “There’s only one way to find out for sure”, said Marnie, looking at Sylvia.

          “Is there an audition?” Sylvia asked eagerly.

          “Yes.  In the Ratchford studio on Wednesday afternoon.  Shawna will arrange for you to get in on it”, said Marnie.

          “Wednesday afternoon?” Sylvia groaned.  “I can’t get ready by Wednesday afternoon”.

          “Of course you can, Sweetie”, said Marnie.  “Don’t be silly.  Relax.  Come on, I want you to try on the new costume I made for you”.

Sylvia dropped her street cloths to the floor around her feet while Marnie brought out the “slave girl” costume on a plastic hanger.  Marnie looked up and saw Sylvia standing naked in the glow of the ceiling lights.  She stopped and looked Sylvia up and down, slowly, taking in the glowing alabaster coloured skin, the china-doll face and the magnificently shaped legs that seemed too long for the petite young woman.

          “Lordy, lordy, lordy young lady.  You are one delicious piece o’ stuff.  Almost makes me wish I still had my Willie.  Here… try this on”.

Sylvia slipped into the costume and looked at her reflection in a large mirrored section of wall.

          “It’s fabulous, Marnie.  Everything you design and make is fabulous.  If you ever stop dancing, you can make a good living as a fashion or costume designer”.

          “I already make more money making clothes and hats than I do dancing, Sweetie”, said Marnie with a laugh.  Sylvia turned and looked at the tall black girl.

          “Then why the Hell do you dance”, she said.

          “I like it, Sweetie.  Just like you like it.  You know damn well you like it.  You love the way those guys feed on the fantasies that you stimulate in them.  And I’ve seen the way you give special smiles to the sad cases… the guys in wheelchairs, or the ones that are morbidly obese.  It makes you happy to feed their inner needs.  You like it for your reasons… probably because you’re so damned gorgeous”.

          “And you”, said Sylvia, turning back to the mirror, surveying her own image in the slave girl costume.  She looked over her shoulder in the mirror and watched Marnie eyeing her backside lasciviously.  “Why do you love to dance naked”.

          “For one thing, Sweetie”, Marnie said, taking another joint from the coffee table, “it’s a thrill for me to be a transsexual and be lusted after as a woman.  And besides, it’s a great way for me to meet men… find lovers.  It’s not that easy, being a big, tall black woman”.  Marnie took off her luxuriant blond wig and placed it lovingly on a bust of herself.  She fluffed it briefly and turned back to face Sylvia.  She was startled to find Sylvia standing close behind her.

          “The slave girl costume is fabulous, Marnie.  All the clothes you make for me are fabulous”, said Sylvia, looking up into Marnie’s dark eyes.  “I can’t thank you enough”.

          “Yes you can, Sweetie”, said Marnie.  Her long arms reached out and her big hands engulfed Sylvia’s shoulders.  She drew Sylvia into her and against her body.  Sylvia did not resist, but floated into Marnie’s warm hug, never turning her face down, never ceasing to look up into Marnie’s face.  Her eyes looked at the full lips, glowing with red lipstick and wanted to feel them on her own pink lips.  Marnie bent her face down to Sylvia’s uplifted mouth.  Her mouth devoured Sylvia’s, and Sylvia closed her eyes and parted her lips to let Marnie’s tongue enter and explore.  Sylvia felt weak, and was glad for the comfortable support of Marnie’s strong arms.

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