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After a while, Ati said I should take a break.  We made love then, for the rest of the day.  At suppertime, Ati packed some things in a bag that he carried with him while we walked slowly back to my place.

I made a light pasta supper for us at my place, which we ate on the gallery overlooking the garden.  We went to bed early and made love before we fell asleep.  In the morning, we walked to the Szentendre station together, waited for the train together, boarded it together and rode into the heart of Budapest together.  During the ride, we spoke softly together, and declared our love for each other in the clear light of a normal Monday morning.

Attila and I each changed our lives that weekend, and I will always be grateful to him for letting it happen.  For making it happen, in fact.  He claims that it was I who brought about our happiness by having the courage to overlook society’s prejudices and follow my heart.

Ever since then, Attila Nagy and Piroska Szabo are a recognised couple, and our love for each other is obvious whenever we are together.  Nobody would question the validity of our relationship if they saw for a moment the way we look at each other.  I really never knew it could be this way.  This is the way a loving relationship should be.

We ride to Szentendre together every Friday evening.  In Szentendre we make love and have meals and sleep and bathe together, at Ati’s studio or my home, depending how we feel.  Monday mornings we leave Szentendre together and ride into Budapest.  We part for the day in the city and meet again for supper.  Sometimes we eat, make love, and sleep at my flat, sometimes at his, now that his roommate has moved on.

I don’t know how long this love will last, and I’m not going to dwell upon that question.  Each day is happier than ever before in my life.  I can see that Attila is happy with me, too.  If my life ends tomorrow, I will be satisfied that I have had enough love to keep me happy through eternity.


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