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“You demon lover,” he growled, pretending anger.

He flung the blanket off me onto the floor.  It left me stretched out on the bed, naked in front of him.  I stopped laughing and just looked at him.  I was thrilled to see his admiring face as he looked me up and down, not furtively, but boldly inspecting me and obviously enjoying the view.  I saw his cock begin to swell and grow, and it filled me with pride to know that I could just lie there motionless and this gorgeous young male animal became aroused at the sight of me.  I watched fascinated while his cock grew rigid and stuck straight out.  Suddenly, Ati grabbed me and swung me around so I lay crosswise on the bed.  He pulled me so my ass was at the edge of the bed and put my legs up on his arms.

Even though my pussy was wet with the excitement of watching his cock grow into this beautiful phallus, he was so big he had to slowly push it into me.  He shoved the head in and out just an inch or so, stimulating me into an orgasm before he even penetrated fully.  He held still while I trembled and groaned with the contractions within my body.  As soon as I was able to catch my breath, he pushed himself deeply into me until I felt I was going to burst.  His strong body drove his hard cock in and out of my pussy with smooth, graceful strokes.  When I came again, with deep, powerful contractions, he released his own orgasm, and we simultaneously howled and the sky as our bodies trembled in sympathy with each other.  Then we slept.

We rose at midday, and ate on the gallery a wonderful brunch of orange juice, sausages and eggs that Ati prepared for us, as well as delicious coffee.  We smiled at each other silently while we ate.  At last we were finishing our second cups of coffee, slouched back in our chairs.  The air was warm and fragrant, the sun clear and bright, and bird songs were continuous.

          “What now,” I said, almost fearful of what his answer might be.  Was I a weekend dalliance with and older woman?  Was any of this real, I wondered?  As usual, his wonderful, generous eyes were set steadily on mine.

          “We proceed with our deal,” he said.

          “Deal?” I said.

          “Don’t try to get out of it,” he said with a grin.  “I’m here today to pose for you.  You’re to come to my place tomorrow, to pose for me.”  I needed time to prepare myself for having Attila pose nude for me.  I couldn’t just drape a sheet over him.  I had the chance to have him laid out before me, stark naked, and I could eat him up with my eyes while I worked.

          “I’ll show you around my garden first,” I said.  “You wanted to see it in the light, you said last night.”  He didn’t respond.  He just stood up in front of me and dropped the towel he’d been wearing around his waist.

          “Is this how you want me?” he said, smiling down at me.  I was tempted to take his cock into my mouth again, but decided I’d better cool down a bit.

          “Okay,” I said.  He wrapped the towel around his waist again and followed me out to the walled rose garden.  I led the way along the short, stone path to the studio that stood on the far side of a large walnut tree.  A spreading cherry tree stood beside the path, and Ati plucked a few ripe cherries as he passed.  I opened the studio door and left it open for Attila while I took an old, wooden chair and placed it in the middle of the room.

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