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“I love you, Piroska,” he said when he lay beside me.  The night breeze was warm when it wafted in through the open window.  It filled the dark room with the fragrance of my roses.  My head was spinning.  Ati put his hand on my face, his fingers exploring my features.  I could feel his mind in his fingertips, absorbing me, knowing me more than any man ever had.  He was attentive, he was interested in everything about me.  I began to sink into a state of total surrender, trusting this young man without rational reason.  I was functioning on feelings alone, my mind and my forebrain abstained from injecting inhibitions, and I was more liberated than ever before in my life.  Something unknown and unexpected was happening to me.  My last thought before I descended into exquisite sexual satisfaction was amazement that this person whom I barely knew had awakened a new spirit in me within just a few hours.

          “Be still,” Attila whispered in my ear.  “Let me love you.”

His lips were hot on my nipples.  He kissed my mouth and my throat and then returned his kisses to my nipples.  I felt like my bones were melting in my flesh and he was moulding me like soft clay.  His lips trailed a path down over my stomach.  He pushed my legs apart and lay between them and began softly, gently kissing my pussy lips.  I was seething with the electric-like charges that shot throughout my body with each touch.  When finally he flicked his tongue into me, my heart stopped for a moment.

He pressed his face into my pussy and used his tongue to touch every part inside me.  He tickled my fuck-hole and did a dance on my clitoris with the tip of his tongue.  He knew how to lift me to the brink of orgasm before he brought me back down with soft oral caresses.  No sooner was I able to breath again, he would alter his tongue caresses to carry me back up until I felt I would burst, but he again didn’t let me go over the top.  He brought me back down and up again three times.  I was ready to beg him to let me come, and he knew it.  He took me up that third time and let me fly.  My body exploded into a million cells, and each cell was vibrating, pulsing, burning and contracting until I screamed through the grandest, longest orgasm I’d ever had.  I could feel the juice running out of me, and I was helpless to move.  I was drained.  I was sated.  I was overflowing and totally empty at the same time.  I collapsed into a deep sleep.

When I woke up, the sun was rising and my blanket covered me.  My bed was empty beside me, and for a moment I thought I had dreamed of my young lover again.  Then I noticed the scent of coffee in the air, and I realized that Ati was in the kitchen.  He must have sensed that I was awake because he came into my room and stood over me with a towel around his waist.  He held a mug of coffee for me.

          “Good morning, beautiful,” he said, and smiled down at me.

          “Good morning, lover,” I said.  I sat up in bed and took the coffee mug from him.  I filled my mouth with the delicious, hot coffee and put the mug on the bedside table before I jerked the towel off of Ati.  His penis dangled before me, and I lifted it to my lips and slid it into my mouth.  Ati didn’t expect the sensation of the hot coffee in my mouth, and he gasped.  I swallowed the coffee and lay back laughing.

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