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trainAttila held me firm and pressed himself to my back, his  penis pressed against my ass and it felt thick and heavy.  His firm chest was pressed to my back, and he was kissing the top of my head through my wet hair.  He caressed my breasts and I could feel him growing stiff, getting hot, pressing against my crack.  I laid my head back on his shoulder while his caresses gradually brought an orgasm up through my body.  I just let him have me, and silently rejoiced in the mounting thrill as the orgasm consolidated in my pussy.  I could feel its fragments lifting up through my legs from my toes, through my arms from my fingers, through my tits to my pussy where it all came together in a gut wrenching contraction that made me yowl like an alley cat.  I was too weak to stand, and Ati’s strong arms held me securely.  The warm water continued to cascade over me while I regained my composure.  I was feverish with desire.  I turned in Attila’s arms and pressed my tits flat against his hard stomach.  I would have to get him lying down to put my tits on his chest because of his height.

Attila didn’t speak with his voice, but his hands were worshipping me.  They wandered slowly over my back, down to my ass, around my hips… like he was a blind man, reading me in Braille.  My cheek rested on his chest, and I just stood there enjoying the mounting desire within me.  I felt my inhibitions drifting away and I was sure I could do anything I wanted to do.  His hard penis had been poking at my pussy, and I slid down to my knees to be face to face the sweet thing.  I held it in my hand and I felt him quiver at my touch.  He was circumcised and his cock was very pretty.  I kissed the head of it and it responded with a twitch.  I had not had a cock to caress in more than a year, and I didn’t want to miss any potential for pleasure.

I cupped his balls in both my hands and took his rigid cock between my lips.  I held him steady by holding his balls while I slid my mouth down over his cock as far as I could.  He was big, and I could only take half of him in.  My hand was wrapped around the base of the beautiful monster, and it was so thick my fingers couldn’t touch my thumb.  I released him and stood up to turn off the water.  I took his hand and pulled him out of the shower enclosure and led him dripping wet to my bed.  I didn’t care any more.  I wanted to make love with Attila Nagy, and I wanted to do it every which way.  I might never get another opportunity like that.

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