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A Time To Fly (22)

She leaned back against the inside of the door and sighed a long sigh.  Geoffrey Sarron was the man of her dreams, and she was to see him tomorrow evening.  Belinda Lyons was happy.  She went to bed happy, and fell asleep while her head was filled with plans and ideas for tomorrow’s shopping event.  She had planned to shop for gifts to present to her friends at the office.  Now her priority was to be the seduction of Geoffrey Sarron, and she intended to make every effort to demonstrate the sincerity of her feelings toward him.  She wanted this man for more than the evening.  More than for the night.  She could make Geoffrey Sarron happy for the rest of his life, she felt certain.

At seven-thirty the next morning, Belinda rose and went to her window.  She looked down at the small café and re-ran the memories of the previous evening.  She was about to go to her shower when she saw a taxi pull up at the front steps of the hotel.  A moment later, Geoffrey Sarron hurried down the steps and into the cab.  It drove away rapidly, and Belinda went to her shower.  She stood in the spray for a long time, letting the warm water cascade over her body.

She dressed in form-fitting sports clothes, picked up her handbag, and caught a cab back to the fashion district.  She decided that Geoffrey Sarron must never see the kinky bodice that Vincenzo had bought for her.  She felt certain that the gentleman professional would be appalled.  All the same, Belinda was pleased that she’d had the experiences she’d enjoyed during this break from her normal, average life.  Pleasurable and exciting as the sexual adventures had been, Belinda was certain that a committed relationship with a good, honest, sexy man was the way she wanted to live her life.

While the evening drew near, Belinda prepared herself.  She performed her normal ablutions carefully, making certain she was clean and fragrant throughout her entire body, face, and interior.  She gargled, and made good use of the bidet.  She slipped into the new panties she’d bought… dark green silk, and scanty, and very good on her dark chocolate body.  She stood before the large mirror, naked except for the panties.  She was confident… more confident than ever before.  Secretly, silently, she thanked Vincenzo, Giuseppi, and Anna for the lessons they’d taught her.  She was sure that she and Geoffrey Sarron would be good together… if they did in fact get together – intimately.

Belinda went bra-less at all times.  She had acquired the habit during her teen years, and had never been able to get comfortable harnessed into a brassier.  Besides, she thought as she inspected her image in the mirror, her breasts were almost perfect.  Not huge, but definitely a handful for large hands like Geoffrey’s.  Belinda had never been blessed with a child, resulting in breasts that still had their youthful lift and firmness.  She stepped into a pale, mint-green satin slip before she lifted the new silk dress from the bed.  It was creamy white with a large pattern of leaves and fern fronds on various shades of green all over it.  Belinda slid it on over her head, straightened it on her thighs before she zipped it up the side.  The low scooped neckline showed a gorgeous, shimmering cleavage.

Belinda had bought herself a pair of emerald ear studs with a matching emerald on a simple gold chain.  She had her hair swept up off her neck and piled on top of her head.  She fastened the chain behind her neck and inspected her image again.  She was very happy to have her hair up.  She always wished to wear it that way, but with her height of five feet eleven inches, she would tower over most people if her hair added a few more inches.  However, Geoffrey Sarron was a very tall, firmly built man, and even though she was six-feet-two with her hair up, he would still be two or three inches taller.

There was a knock at the door, and Belinda feared it might be Anna again.  She decided she wouldn’t open the door if it was Anna.  She peered through the peephole and saw a bellhop holding a small box.  She opened the door and the young man handed her the box.

          “For Ms. Lyons,” he said with a short bow before he turned and walked back to the elevator.  Belinda closed the door and opened the box.  It contained a corsage – a white orchid with a spray of green fronds beneath it.  She opened the small envelope inside and read the note. ‘Seven o’clock is a long time coming’ it read in neat, precise handwriting.  It was signed ‘Geoffrey’.  Belinda almost felt like he knew everything about her.  The corsage was a perfect match for the dress and jewellery.

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