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A Fantasy I Wish Was Real

I’m driving along an endless road across an endless desert and I see a speck by the road in the distance.  This is a fantasy, so I can have it any way I want it to be.  This road is traveled only once a month, and the surrounding desert is devoid of everything but sand.  As I grow closer to the distant speck by the road, I see it’s a car.  A white car, which turns out to be a Lincoln Town Car.  It’s a bit off the road with the hood up There is a man in shirtsleeves, pacing and waving me down, in a state of great agitation.  When I pull up beside him and power down the passenger side window, I see it’s George W. Bush.

“The engine seized, I think,” he says. “Thank god you came along just now.  Nobody travels this road, and I have no communication with anyone.”

“Well, have a nice day anyway,” I say, power up the window and pull away, cool and comfortable in the air conditioned car.  My cellphone rings.  I reach over and turn it off and continue happily on my way to someplace nice.

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