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A Time To Fly (17)

Hidden from view beneath the thick foam, Vince’s legs were stretched out straight alongside Belinda. Belinda’s knees were pulled up in front of her breasts and her feet were flat on the bottom of the tub. She slowly stretched her legs out over Vince’s and slid herself toward him. Vince looked up, smiled, and reached out to Belinda. She put her hands in his and they drew themselves together. Mounds of foam were squeezed out from between their bodies. Vince put one hand down and caressed Belinda’s vagina with the backs of his fingers. She shuddered, and reached down to touch his penis, and found it was in a state of high arousal.

Vince spread his knees as far apart as he could, pressed against the sides of the tub. Belinda slid forward between them and pushed herself onto Vince. She kept one arm around his neck and put the other hand down to guide him into her. They clung together in the warm, fragrant, blue water and rocked gently in each others arms. The foam flowed back and forth with their movements until they groaned and growled together in a powerful, simultaneous orgasm. They lay back in the tub facing each other, their heads barely above the thick foam. When they recovered, they towelled each other off, kissing each other’s erogenous zones one by one as they were dried.

They slept then, the sleep of the happily fatigued throughout the night. In the morning, the sun slanted in through the small window onto Vincenzo’s face. He woke, squinting into the glare. He shaded his eyes with his hand and went to the window. Down in the courtyard children were playing, bouncing balls off the stucco walls to each other. Vince dropped the heavy curtain to cut off the sun’s intense glare. He turned and looked at Belinda on the bed. The sun on the dark red of the curtain filled the room with a rich, warm glow. Belinda lay with her back toward Vince in a relaxed, curled position.

Vince lay down beside her and spooned his body to hers. His chest pressed to her dark back, his penis rested against her buttocks, his arm slung over her so he could caress her breasts. She stirred and turned onto her back. Vince kissed her dark breasts and sucked lightly on her nipples. Belinda moaned and writhed impatiently while Vince kissed a slow path down her belly toward her pubic hair. His lips touched the soft, curled hair and continued down over her thighs and knee and on down over her ankle. Belinda’s disappointment that he had bypassed her vagina was replaced by a new thrill as Vince took her toes into his warm mouth one after the other. He sucked lightly on each toe and sent spasms of contractions up her legs and into her lower belly.

Belinda surrendered to the sensations and lost track of her self. She became unaware of where she was, and with whom. The last conscious thought she had was relief that Vince was sucking on the toes of her other foot and beginning to work his way up her other leg with his lips. She hoped he would not again bypass her vagina with his warm lips. It was her last rational thought before Vincenzo’s skilful oral caresses sent waves of deep orgasms over her.

They showered together, playfully soaping each others body and rinsing each other off with the shower head on the hose. They had a light breakfast at an alfresco cafe on their way to the railroad station. They spoke very little during the train ride back to Rome. Each was lost in thought, reviewing their loving times together, and reluctantly anticipating their inevitable parting of the ways. Belinda would soon have to return home, to her life, her friends, and her job. Vincenzo, too, had to get back to his real life. He felt love for Belinda, but he also felt the need to live his life as a musician, an artist… and a Roman.

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