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A Time To Fly (16)

There were no pictures on the walls.  A door to one side led to a small bathroom with a deep, claw-foot tub, and a spray-head on a white rubber hose.  The sink and toilet were smaller than Belinda was accustomed to at home.  She was pleased at the authenticity when Vince told her they were the kind usually found in older Italian apartments.  He led her to the sofa and sat with her, holding both her hands in both of his hands.

       “I wish I could remove the barriers that you’ve erected between us,” Vincenzo said, his eyes on Belinda’s eyes.  She looked away, startled by the heat she felt rising within her.

       “What barriers?” she said.

       “Your concerns about race.  Your concerns about age.” He said.  “You are a free adult.  You are in Rome, in the company of a Roman man who admires you, desires you…”

       “I didn’t know you were displeased with me,” Belinda said.  “I’m not surprised that I’m not a good enough lover.  I’ve been on my own for a long, long time.”

       “Displeased?  On the contrary Belinda, you are a wonderful lover,” Vince insisted.  “I’ve never been more excited.  Still, I feel you are holding something back.  You are not enjoying me as much as I hoped.”

       “Will you wear the outfit I bought for you?” she said, and smiled.

       “Certainly,” Vince answered.

       “Get it on,” Belinda commanded.  “Get it on right now.”

Flustered for the first time, Vincenzo hastily tore open the packages, stepped out of his clothes, and pulled on the shorts, positioning his privates so they protruded as intended.  Belinda stroked his penis lightly with her fingertips before she fitted the leather straps around his body.  While Vince watched, she took her own clothes off.

Belinda put on the green bodice, and her heavy breasts protruded through the holes in the front.  Vince watched her, and the excitement of his own costume was intensified when he looked at Belinda.  Her shining, warm skin glowed and her breasts protruded from the green garment, their black nipples firmly erect, as was Vincenzo’s manhood.

       “Get down on your hands and knees,” Belinda said firmly but kindly. Vince did as he was told, laughing nervously.  When he was on all fours on the floor before her, Belinda gently caressed his bare buttocks.  She lay down on the floor on her back and slid her head under Vince so she was looking up at his penis.  It dangled over her lips, and she smiled to see it twitch slightly.  She reached between Vince’s legs and gently cupped his scrotum in her hand and drew the stiffening organ toward her mouth.

Afterward, Vince lay on the floor on his back, recovering from the massive orgasm that Belinda’s heavy lips had urged from him. She went to the bathroom to drink a glass of water.  When she returned and saw Vincenzo lying on the floor with his head near the sofa, she went to him and knelt over his face, presenting her vagina to his mouth.  He responded enthusiastically, and Belinda held firmly to the sofa to steady herself as Vince wrenched orgasm after orgasm out of her seething body.

Belinda was weak with the wonderful fatigue of satisfying sex.  Vince lay her on the sofa and gently covered her with a light blanket before he went into the bathroom to fill the ancient tub.  It was very deep, and the faucets and spigot projected from the wall on one side of the tub, leaving the two curved ends ideal for reclining comfortably.  When the tub was filled with warm water beneath a thick blanket of Algemarin bath foam, Vince returned to Belinda and sat on the edge of the bed.  He gently stroked her cheek with his fingertips, and she roused from her reverie to smile up at the handsome young man.

Vince helped Belinda to her feet, wrapped her in the blanket, and led her into the bathroom.  The fragrance of the seashore rose from the turquoise water beneath the sparkling white foam.  Belinda turned and hugged Vince, kissing him gently on his mouth while the blanket fell away and crumpled to the floor at her feet.  Vince held Belinda’s hand while she stepped gracefully over the high edge of the tub and sank down into the foam.  The warm, blue water beneath it enveloped her dark, shining body.  She lay back on the sloped, curved end of the tub and looked over at Vince.  He stood naked while he added warm water to the tub.

Vince’s body glowed with a healthy tan, except for the wide stripe of white skin that ran around his lean body.  His firm buttocks, lower belly, and pubic area shone bright white amid the tanned muscles on his flat stomach and firm thighs.  He stepped into the tub and stood a moment, the foam hissing around his knees.  Before he sank into the warm water, Belinda yielded to an impulse and leaned forward to extend her glistening, black arm up toward Vince and gently stroke his dangling manhood.  He laughed aloud as it trembled in response before he sat down to be enveloped by the foam.  He reclined against the opposite end of the tub, rested his head back against the high, rounded edge, and closed his eyes.  Belinda watched him, her eyes exploring over and over again the crisp, handsome features on his young, tanned face.

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