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A Time to Fly (14)


After they toweled each other off, they returned to the bed where they slept until noon the next day.  After they wakened, they made love again before they showered, dressed, and had lunch at the small café across the alley.

       “What do you want to do today?” he said.

       “I want to stay in bed and make love with you all day,” she said.

       “I’m serious,” he said.

       “So am I,” she said.  “Well, then, what are my options?”

       “We could take a train to Florence,” he said.

       “That sounds interesting,” she said.  “What else?”

       “Nothing else,” he said.  “We’ll catch the next train to Florence.”

Vincenzo bought tickets for a private compartment on the train.  He latched the sliding door and drew the curtains that opened on the corridor that ran the length of the train.  Belinda sat looking out the window at the passing scene.  On some of the hilltops she could see grand estates, walled in behind gates.  Closer to the railway line humble homes had yards that backed on the tracks.  In some yards she saw trash and wrecked cars.  In other yards there were chickens scratching around.  In still others, small goats were attached by small chains to stakes driven into the ground.  It occurred to Belinda that she was a lucky nanny goat, attached by no tether and free to do as she pleased.  She looked across at Vincenzo who was looking across at her.

Vincenzo moved to her and knelt on the floor at her feet.  He kissed her gently, and planted small kisses down the side of her neck to the opening in her blouse.  He kissed her cleavage while he undid the buttons of her blouse and pushed it open.  He knew her breasts were always free of a bra and he kissed them each all around, holding each nipple in his lips to feel it tighten and rise.  She let him remove her skirt and panties and lift her legs onto his shoulders and make love to her.  Afterward, they lay together on the bench seat and clung to one another.  When Belinda moved and bent to look for her clothes, Vince caressed her from behind.  She stood still and knelt on the seat, naked and looking out the window.  Vincenzo made love to her from behind.  The excitement was almost more than Belinda could stand, heightened by the danger of getting caught.  As she knelt looking out the window, wave after wave of deep orgasm shook her while Vince skilfully penetrated her with his tongue and his penis.  She saw people looking up at her from station platforms as she rolled past them.  Between spasms of ecstasy, she wondered if they could actually see into the compartment and make out what she and Vince were doing.

The train began to slow.  As the rhythmic clickety-clack of the wheels on the rails diminished, the serene rocking of the train slowed, and Vince’s movements behind Belinda slowed.  As they pulled into a station the train was moving so slowly that Belinda could see that the people looking up at them could see them.  The idea of strangers seeing her with Vincenzo behind her, probably understanding what he was doing, shot a bolt of excitement through her.  She came to a crushing climax simultaneously with Vince, and they collapsed into each other’s loving arms.  Soon the train began to move again.  Belinda insisted that they dress and sort themselves out.  They did so just as there was a knock on the compartment door.

Vince opened it to find a vendor with a cart selling coffee, tea, soft drinks, sandwiches, and snacks.  He bought two sandwiches and cups of coffee and sent the vendor on his way.  They ate quietly, looking at each other and smiling.

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