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A Time To Fly (13)

When Vince’s warm hand began caress Belinda’s erect nipples the lovers coupled, and thrust themselves together with total commitment to each others pleasure.  They melded into a single spirit, experiencing emotional and physical tidal waves of shuddering joy.  Vincenzo was fatigued after an hour of intense lovemaking.  He fell asleep with his face pressed into Belinda’s breasts.  She lay on her side looking down at his splendid face, enjoying the afterglow of his youthful energy.  Although he was not as skilful as Giuseppi had been, he compensated with great strength and energy.  Belinda could not recall ever feeling so totally satisfied and fulfilled.

Belinda carefully moved away from Vince to not disturb his rest.  She went into the bathroom and ran the shower.  She stood in the needle-sharp spray and enjoyed the stinging the tingle on her skin.  She looked down at herself.  Her black skin glistened with sparkling droplets, and her body seemed to look younger because of the sexual activity she’d enjoyed during the past forty-eight hours.  She was thinking that she should e-mail the office and tell them that she’s well and having a good time.  However, she would refrain from telling them any details.

Belinda was startled from her reverie by Vince, who entered the shower behind her and placed his penis so it could rest in the cleavage of her behind while he reached around to caress her breasts.  She turned and took the soap and began to lather Vince’s chest, and boldly soaped his lower stomach and on down through his pubic hair and began to wash his privates.  Vince watched her mesmerised face with a bemused smile while she rinsed him off.  When all the soap was washed away, she knelt in front of him, the shower cascading over her face as she kissed Vincenzo’s firm body.  She made a trail of small kisses down his flat, firm belly.  Her lips invaded his pubic hair and found the organ that she was seeking.  Carried away by the passion of the moment, she continued to kiss his flaccid penis while it began to stiffen and rise.

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