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A Time To Fly (12)

“I hope you’re not upset with me,” Vince said as he sat down at the table with Belinda.  “I couldn’t resist surprising you.”

       “Well, it was lovely, but still quite upsetting,” she said.  “You know very well that I was nervous about the age spread and racial differences, and still you subjected me to….”

       “To what?” he said.  “To a good time, some fun, some surprises, a ride in the wind through the streets of Rome, the admiration of many men?  I do not apologise!”  Vince turned his face away in a gesture of immature resentment.  Belinda regretted at once her words.  She reached out and put her hand on his arm.

       “I’m sorry, Vincenzo,” she said.  “Of course you are right.  It has been wonderful, and I am very grateful to you for choosing to share this pleasure with me.  He turned and looked into her eyes with his smouldering desire.

       “I hope to share many more pleasures with you,” he said.  “If you will permit me.”  He stood up and kissed her hand again, and a ripple of applause rolled through the room.  “Please excuse me for a few minutes again.”  As he ascended the steps to the stage, the band played the introduction to their next song.

The evening passed quickly.  Belinda sat at the front table and sipped wine.  After two hours, while Vincenzo was starting his second show a waiter brought a tray of cheeses and biscuits to her table.  Belinda didn’t feel the need to eat, except for her eyes, eating up Vincenzo Taglioni no matter if he was at the table with her, or up on the stage singing to her.  She felt herself yielding more and more to his youthful vigour and charm.  She began to argue with herself in favour of having sex with this young man – if he wanted her.

Belinda was sure that Vince used his looks and charm to win the passion of many women… perhaps especially foreigners alone in Rome.  She reasoned that she was only in Rome for a short time, she was totally unknown here, and it was probably her last chance to cut loose.  After these few weeks, she will return home to the loneliness of her empty bed.  So why not enjoy this fabulous young man while she could?  Why not enjoy Rome and its Romans.  She was, after all, forty years old and certain to never be thirty again.

The apparent absence of a colour barrier was a new and exciting experience for Belinda.  In the past, only black men had attempted to seduce her.  To be pursued by this stunning young man after the new experiences she had with Giuseppi was the opportunity of a lifetime.  It was time to indulge herself in the freedom to enjoy her body.  Anna’s lovemaking was also a first for Belinda.  She had never had a lesbian experience, and although she had to admit she had enjoyed the woman’s sexual expertise, she was not sure she would want to experience it again.

Only a few stragglers were still in the club when Belinda left with Vincenzo.  He had performed his third and final show and after a brief chat with the club owner, they went out to the Vespa.  They buzzed through the empty streets of Rome in the wee small hours until Vincenzo pulled up in front of Belinda’s hotel.  She slid off the scooter’s rear seat and put her arms around Vince while he sat astride the scooter.  She kissed his eyelids quickly, then pressed her broad mouth to his, and parted her lips to accept his tongue.  They separated, and Belinda pressed her cheek to his and spoke softly into his ear.

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