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If You Can Meet Your Favourite Celebrity – Don’t

It’s a safe bet that any celebrity you meet on a personal level is likely to be a disappointment.  They don’t show us who they are, they just show us who they act like.  One of my favourite beautiful TV women is on the series, “Friends”.  I had heard that she was not at all sweet, but rather a nasty person, cruel and selfish.  I saw her home on television, and it was so cold and aloof in aura, I can imagine she is cold.  If I ever have the chance to meet her, I won’t, because I want to sustain the image I have of her.

I’ve met a few celebrities, some through my work, some through connections.  Some have been as nice as they seem to be, others just blow your imaginings to bits.  It’s heartbreaking, in a way.  One can feel sorry for those individuals who are people who just need to “win”, rather than be right.  But how wonderful for those celebrities who have done the amazing things required to become a celebrity, and still know themselves, and live with their own truth.  They have everything: fame, perhaps wealth, influence, yet are still regular people with a clear image of who they really are.

Being a celebrity is usually a bummer, especially when one just wants to live life and earn a living.  All the same, they should remember that they can live on a ranch, or in a simple town out of the heat of – let’s say – Hollywood.  Therefore, when “stars” are highly visible, and complaining of the assault on their private life, they’re asking for it, literally.

We rarely see Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Daniel Day-Lewis, John Malcovich, among many others, male and female.  On the other side of the coin, there are many “nothing” people who are gushing in front of the press all the time.  It’s all they do, it’s their livelihood. They have to be very shallow to go to bed at night, satisfied with their productivity that day.  They’re just producing money… any holdup person or break-in person can do that much – get money while producing nothing.

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