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Making The Most of The Life That’s Left

ImageEventually, one comes to terms with the fact that there is a lot less life left ahead than has been lived and left behind. A choice must be made: to either settle for what comes and wait for the final curtain or continue as before, taking chances, experiencing adventures and learning new stuff.  The learning of new stuff can be either difficult because one already has learned so much, or easy because a whole crop of new stuff comes along almost every day.  Certainly every week, and definitely every month.

I feel sorry for pensioners who don’t find their way into the Internet.  Sitting at home, watching boring daytime television is a waste of  one’s remaining life.  The most rudimentary understanding of a simple computer and the Internet opens the world to a person.  For one thing, it becomes easy to have daily communications with one’s family that might have traveled far afield.  I have regular contact with friends and relatives who live in distant cities and even on the other side of the planet.

After I was divorced in my mid-sixties, the Internet enabled me to have a regular flow of dates, most of whom became lovers.  They were enjoying the same kind of youthful freedom as I was, and every relationship was comfortable and satisfying for each of us.  The freedom of one’s teenage era, combined with the maturity and understanding of much experience, enabled us to flow into later life with confidence.  In the era of AIDS, mature lovers can represent comparative safety, and erroneous pregnancy is virtually eliminated.

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