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A Time To Fly (8) adult content – 18+




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Giuseppi took Belinda by the hand and led her up the huge staircase and pointed out the various works of art and architecture as they went.  Passing a closed door he put his finger to his lips.

       “Sh-sh.  It’s Anna’s room,” he whispered.  At the end of the hall he swung open the tall double doors that revealed a breathtaking suite with a huge four-poster canopy bed in ornately carved oak and gigantic crystal chandeliers.

       “This is magnificent,” Belinda said, breathless at the sight of such opulence.  Giuseppi took her hand and led her through the suite to a huge bathroom.  In a separate area there was a marble sink beside a toilet and bidet.  Further into the room there was a large area tiled in small white squares.  A large, oval tub was recessed into the tiled floor and to the side there was a shower area with four shower heads projecting out of the walls.  There was no enclosure, and one showered totally in the open.  Belinda liked that idea because she never liked the close enclosed feeling of most shower stalls.  There were large, gold-tinted mirrors all around, and racks hung with many soft, plump, white towels.  The light came from several modern sconces along the walls, and classical music created a comfortable background, although the source was not evident.

       “This is the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen,” Belinda gushed.

       “Then you must use it,” said Giuseppe.

       “Oh, no, I couldn’t do that,” she said.

       “I advise you to experience the water massage,” he said.  “It will surprise you how effective it is.”  Giuseppi went to the door and turned and looked back at Belinda.  “Please do, Belinda,” he said.  She thought a moment, about how she had missed an opportunity with Vincenzo Taglioni, and decided not to miss another chance at adventure.

       “Okay,” she said.

       “Excellent!”  Giuseppe left the room and closed the door behind him.  Belinda stripped down, and again checked her appearance in the mirror and found that it met with her approval.  There were hooks to hang her clothes on, and she lowered herself into the perfectly warm water comfortably naked, her black body glistening.  She looked at the small control panel and touched a button labelled ‘low’ and a whirring sound began, soft enough not to interfere with the soft music.  Jets of warm water rushed around her body, bringing her an unexpected level of relaxation and stimulation.  A jet of water pulsed between her legs sending small sensual shocks through her.  She admonished herself slightly for enjoying the masturbation effect of the jet of water.

Suddenly the door opened and Giuseppe entered in a bathrobe and carried another for Belinda.

       “I thought you might want this later,” he said.

       “I… I thought I’d be alone in here,” she said, embarrassed.

       “Don’t be silly, my darling Belinda,” he said with a laugh.  “You’re far too beautiful to be alone when you are naked.”  He stood at the edge of the tub looking down at her.  She was helpless to cover herself up.

       “I’m not comfortable in this position,” she said.

       “Don’t be silly, my dear,” he laughed.  “It’s not possible to be uncomfortable in that tub.”  He turned and removed his robe and hung it on a hook as he stepped into the shower.  He adjusted the temperature of the water and stood relaxing in the pelting stream.  Belinda looked at him, unashamed as long and his eyes were closed and he stood with his head back, letting the water rush over his face.  Belinda noticed that he was solidly built with a nice colour to his skin.  His nose was an honest predictor… his manhood was of an impressive size.  After a few minutes he walked over and lowered himself into the pool across from Belinda.

       “Now, isn’t this pleasant?” he said.  Belinda had overcome most of her inhibition, now that she had seen as much of him as he had seen of her.

       “Yes, it’s very nice,” she said.

       “Come over here to me, please,” he said.

Belinda paused for a long moment, and then she slid across the pool and rested her back on the side close to Giuseppe.  She felt his hand on her thigh and decided not to do anything about it.  He caressed her thigh, gradually moving his hand higher until his small finger was brushing against her pubic hair.  Belinda felt herself yielding to the touch, and to the caress of the bubbling water.  She reached down and found his penis.  She thrilled inside herself at the feel of it, so large and thick she couldn’t wrap her long fingers all the way around it.  Giuseppi put his hand behind Belinda’s head and pulled her face to him.  He kissed her lips firmly, and pushed his tongue between her thick lips.  She accepted it, sucked on it lightly and pushed her tongue into his mouth.  He caressed her breasts, and the dark nipples stood out hard and erect.  Suddenly, on an impulse, Belinda stood up in the tub and turned to face him, looking down at him as he leaned forward and began kissing her thighs.  He began moving his lips around on her body until the small convulsions that his kisses caused in her made her feel unsteady on her legs.

       “Take me to your bed,” she said, and reached down to take his hand and help him up.  He stood and took Belinda in his arms and kissed her, pressing her to him so her breasts pressed his chest, and her hand was still down between their bodies, caressing his rising manhood.

Giuseppe led Belinda through the bathroom to the bedroom.  They were wet from the pool, but were too eager to get to each other to take time to dry off.  They fell on the large bed beneath the canopy and explored each other with their lips and tongues.  Eventually, after hours of sexual escapades, Belinda fell happily asleep in Giuseppi’s arms until early dawn.

In the pale light of the pre-dawn hours, Belinda lay in a deep sleep, her arm slung across Giuseppe’s chest with its curls of grey hair.  She awakened to the feeling of kisses on her neck and gentle caresses down her side and leg.  Not awake, she rolled toward the warmth of the body she felt at her back.  As she slowly came awake, she realized that she was feeling breasts on her back.  She turned to see Anna’s smiling face.  Anna pulled Belinda to her and kissed her lips softly, lingering and toying with the thick lips with her active tongue.  Belinda’s first reaction of revulsion quickly changed, and she gave herself up to the feeling of passion and affection that had been so long absent from her life.  She embraced Anna in return, and they lay locked in an intense embrace when Giuseppe rolled to Belinda and pressed himself to her back so that she was surrounded with the sensual feelings of the man and the woman simultaneously.

Giuseppe dropped Belinda off at the hotel after lunch.  She stepped out of the Ferrari and went around to his window to kiss him goodbye.

       “Thank you,” she said, “for a wonderful time.  And please thank Anna for me as well.”

       “I will,” he said, and drove away as Belinda made her way to her room to change and rest.  The night had been an intense sexual adventure that had left her very tired.

Belinda dropped her clothes to the floor and went straight to her bed.  She fell into a deep sleep, her mind and her body both totally fatigued and satisfied.  She was happy that her friends and co-workers at home didn’t know about the things she’d done with Giuseppi and Anna.  She felt no shame, it had all been so open and loving and free of expectations.  Beneath her stern demeanor. Anna had proved to be a woman of passion and without inhibitions.  Beneath her clothing, Anna’s body was like magic, her creamy skin was supple to the touch, her fragrance was hypnotic and her lips and tongue worked her magic on both Belinda and Giuseppe.  In the throes of her passion, Belinda did things she’d never done before.  She’d never made love with a woman, and she’d never been in bed with two lovers at the same time.  She couldn’t help but wonder what it might be like with her and two men or her and two women.  It was a completely new thought pattern for Belinda.  She lay back in her bed and remembered looking down at Anna, her radiant skin in sharp contrast to Belinda’s own dark complexion.  It raised the excitement in Belinda to see a woman down there.

While Belinda was carried to never imagined heights by Anna’s lovemaking, Giuseppe kissed Belinda’s face, her hungry mouth, and her breasts, sucking lightly on her extended nipples.  Belinda’s body shuddered with exquisite contractions that made her blood rush.  Giuseppe then began to caress Anna, kissing her body and breasts while Anna was kissing and licking Belinda.  It was an exciting and fulfilling experience for all three of them, after which they’d enjoyed a wonderful lunch of fresh fruit and yoghurt.  Belinda was amazed at the way they enjoyed lunch together, chatting and relaxing in the sun.  One would never have guessed what they had been doing together a few hours before.  With these memories in her mind, Belinda fell asleep.

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