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A Time To Fly (6)

Belinda fished in her purse for a coin, turned her back to the fountain, made her wish to the sound of a Brahms piano solo, and threw the coin back over her should.  It splashed into the water, and she turned to see the rings spreading out to the edges of the tiled pool.  She sat on the steps facing the fountain and looked up at the sky.  The stars twinkled brightly over the quiet city, and Belinda took in the distant sounds of the humming city, the ancient windows and shutters on the buildings the surrounded the square, and let herself relax more than any time since she arrived in Rome.  She realised that she had been pushing a bit hard to fit into her trip all that she could.  It occurred to her that it might be better to simply take the time to enjoy more deeply each sight and encounter that might come to her.

She was about to leave and begin the long stroll back to the Hotel Raphael when she heard a rumbling sound coming down the alley.  A few seconds later, a black Ferrari rolled out into the square.  As it turned the corner, the headlights swept across Belinda.  The Ferrari drew up beside her, the door opened, and a man stepped out.  He looked wonderfully aristocratic in his pale grey pants and dark blue blazer with its crest on the breast pocket.  His face looked weathered in the faint light, but very handsome, in a rugged, mature way.  His hair was dark except for ‘wings’ of silver at his temples.  He said something to Belinda in Italian.

       “I’m sorry,” she said.  “I don’t speak Italian.”  The man immediately switched into very refined English with a thick Italian accent.

       “Are you in need of assistance?” he said.

       “I… no… I don’t think so,” she said.  The man smiled and handsome, confident smile.  Belinda guessed he must be in his middle fifties.

       “Do you realize it could be dangerous for a beautiful woman to be alone on the streets of Rome in the night?” he said.

       “No, I didn’t think of it,” she said.  “I have had no trouble.  Everyone’s been very nice.”

       “And you have been very fortunate,” he said.  “Come with me, I will see you home safely.”

       “How do I know you are safe?” she said.

       “Because I tell you so,” he smiled.  “Come.”

       “But I don’t want to go back to my Hotel yet,” she said.  “I’m restless.”

       “Then I will show you my Rome.  Come,” he said.  Belinda went to him.  He took her hand and kissed it lightly before he walked her around the car and opened the passenger door.  She slid into the fine, natural-leather seat and watched the man walk around the front of the car and slide in behind the wheel.

       “I am Giuseppi Guererra,” he said, and drove out of the square.

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