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Time To Fly (5)

Belinda had an orgasm in her sleep, and it woke her from her nap.  The clock told her that it was mid-afternoon.  She lay back and closed her eyes to recall the fantasy.  She regretted her actions that had repelled Vincenzo as she thought about how she might spend the coming evening.  It would be warm and clear and a wonderful night to wander the streets of Rome… on a man’s arm.

Belinda was still naked when she went to the window.  She held the curtain in front of her body when she opened them slightly to look out.  Her entire black body blushed when she looked down to see Vincenzo Taglioni looking up into her face from the café across the alley.  He smiled broadly with the even, white teeth gleaming.  Belinda fought for self-control and smiled back before closing the curtains.  She went immediately to the shower to prepare for the rest of the day.  Telling herself that she was not hurrying to see Vincenzo, she dressed as quickly as she could.  She chose a light summer dress in pale green that was perfect against her dark brown skin.  The scooped neckline revealed her impressive cleavage, and when the light was behind her, the wonderful shape of her legs was clearly visible through the fine fabric.

Belinda strode out of the hotel taking care not to look toward the café where Vince had been sitting.  She crossed the alley and chose a table before she dared to look around.  Vincenzo was not there.  She fought off the temptation to look this way and that for him, and casually looked at the passing pedestrian traffic on the cobblestone alley.  A police officer in a traditional uniform with its unique pointed hat gave a nodded bow to her as he passed.  The waiter came and she ordered delicious tortalini and coffee, and resisted the urge to ask the waiter where the handsome young man had gone.  She ate slowly, savouring the perfectly spiced tomato sauce.  The heat of the day was fading, and the evening comfort descended upon Rome like a comfortable cloak.

Belinda liked to walk, and wore shoes that were good for that activity because her five-foot-eleven frame made her noticeably tall and high heels would only accentuate her height.  The waiter provided Belinda with a street map and pointed out directions for her to walk to find some of Rome’s famous landmarks.  She passed through the Piazza Navona and paused on a bench to watch the nubile youngsters frolicking in the water.  She wished she could join them.  She left the Piazza and followed the waiter’s directions toward Vatican Square.

Well after dark, Belinda walked alone down an ancient, narrow, cobblestone alley and emerged into a large square surrounded by tall, ancient buildings.  Before her, splendid even in the darkness, lit only by a few streetlights, was the famous Trevi Fountain.  Belinda approached it, looking at the magnificent statues, teams of horses leaping out of the cascading water.  The sound of the splashing streams bounced around the enclosed square and echoed off the terra cotta walls.  Suddenly, the water stopped, leaving the large pool still, with its bottom littered with coins that had been tossed there by people wishing for true love.  In the silence of the warm night, with the sound of the splashing fountain turned off for the night, the sound of beautifully played piano music filtered into the square.  Belinda looked up to the source of the sound.  On the top floor of one of the buildings, six floors up, one window was lit and open to the night air.  It was the source of the music.

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