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A Time To Fly (4)

“I have a surprise for you,” Vincenzo said.  He was flying away from the city, toward some lush, green, tree-covered hills.

       “What, Vince?” she said.  She rested her head back on the comfortable seat and looked at his profile while he piloted the plane.

        “Be patient, Belinda,” he said. “It will only be a few minutes.”  The sound of his rich, warm voice speaking her name sent a chill through her.  The accent was a delicious mix of Italian and British, and the sound of it was stimulating.  Belinda let herself be carried away, floating through the clear Italian sky, being taken care of by an Adonis of a young man.  Vincenzo dropped the plane down onto a small lake that was surrounded with dense forest with no roads evident.  He was skilful, and the pontoons touched down on the calm-as-glass surface smoothly and they skimmed along, gradually slowing until they were floating along, the idling propeller pulling them slowly across the mirror-surfaced water.

Belinda observed Vince calmly and confidently as he guided the aircraft through a narrow gap that opened into a circular bay.  The forest grew right up to the water’s edge all the way around except for one stretch of white sand, gleaming in the sunshine.  The sand beach was engulfed by forest, as was the rest of the bay.  The only place one could step ashore was where the white sand met the clear, cool water.  Vice cut the engine and stepped out onto a pontoon as the plane drifted slowly toward shore.  He took an anchor rope out of a compartment on the side of the plane and dropped the heavy hook into the water.  When he could tug on it and feel secure that it was solidly placed, he tied off the rope on a pontoon strut.

       “Come,” he said.  “Let’s swim ashore.”

       “I haven’t a swim suit,” she said.  “And I haven’t swum in years.”

       “Well,” he said.  He peeled off his shirt, removed his shoes, socks, pants, and underwear, and tossed them behind his seat.  “It’s going to get very hot soon, in this little bay.  Come on, it will be fun.”  Belinda stepped out onto the other pontoon and looked across at Vince.  His body was covered with dark hair.  His physique was even more exciting naked than it was in his tight clothes.  The sight of him standing there, with the dense forest background, his naked manhood hanging unashamedly and temptingly in the daylight caused an orgasm to pulse through her body, making her tremble.

       “Well, I’m going ashore,” he said.  He dove into the water cleanly, like a knife-blade, with little splash.  He stroked toward shore, his crawl steady and powerful as he glided through the sparkling water toward the gleaming beach.  Belinda couldn’t think of a reason not to follow him.  She stripped down and put her clothes behind her seat before she dove into the cool water.  Her stroke was not as smooth and strong as Vince’s, but she swam comfortably.  The sensation of the water flowing over her naked skin made her tingle all over.  She felt like she was sinking into a morass of sensuality, and her spirit welcomed it.

When she neared shore, Belinda met Vince, who was standing in chest-deep water, relaxing in the soothing coolness.  She approached him slowly, mesmerised by the water droplets sparkling like diamonds in the hair on his chest and arms.  His eyelashes were thick and dark with water.  They accentuated his dark, smouldering eyes.  He looked squarely into her eyes when he took her by the shoulders and drew her to him so he could put his arms around her and press her dark, glistening breasts against his tanned chest.  He pressed his lips to hers and she ran her hands down his broad back and caressed his firm, rounded buttocks.  She felt him stiffening against her belly.  He released her and took her by one hand to lead her out of the water onto the beach.  He lay back on the hot sand and pulled her down on top of him.

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