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Belinda could hear the splash of the fountain before she emerged into the Piazza.  When she rounded the corner into the square, the ornate fountain with its huge granite gods and goddesses captivated her.  The story of family strife was told in the positions of the magnificent bodies and heads of the granite figures.  Their gestures of rejection of the magnificent ancient church that stood behind the fountain told of the jealousy in the family.  One patriarch built the church to take prestige away from another patriarch in the family.  The second patriarch commissioned the fountain to retain dominance in the social hierarchy of ancient Rome with granite figures gesturing negatively at the church, their faces turned away with disgust.

Belinda looked and the granite musculature of the male figures in the fountain and again thought about her hasty actions that discouraged Vincenzo Taglioni.  Why shouldn’t she enjoy the attentive company of a gorgeous hunk of Italian stallion?  Her mind recalled the tightness of his buns in the casual pants as he walked away from her table.  She noted too the narrow hips, and the small waist that spread broadly up to square shoulders and thick arms.

A teenage boy and girl ran past Belinda, screeching and laughing, chasing each other around the fountain.  The boy, about eighteen, lean and athletic, finally leaped into the fountain and ran across in the knee-deep water, the fountain cascading down over him as he reached the laughing, screaming girl and pulled her into the fountain with him.  They fell splashing and shouting, then stood up laughing hysterically, hugging and staggering.  Their clothes clung to them, drenched, and dripping.  The boy’s stomach showed a solid set of muscles, and his thighs were tight against the wet denim of his jeans.  A revealing lump was unmistakable at his crotch.  The girl’s blouse clung to her body, her small breasts protruded boldly, the nipples pressed hard against the wet white cotton.  They held each other, standing in knee-deep water, spray raining down on them, and kissed long and hard.  The sight sent unwanted longings trembling deep inside of Belinda.  She was disturbed to notice that she couldn’t recall the last time she’d had a lover, nor could she remember who the man was with whom she’d last made love.  ‘That’s sick’, she thought, and turned to return to her hotel room.  She felt a resurgence of jet lag and felt she needed more rest to overcome it.

Belinda drew the curtains over the huge window in her room.  Before she closed them, she couldn’t resist looking down at the café and the alley, hoping to see Vincenzo Taglioni… although she had no idea what she’d do if she did see him.  He was not there.  Belinda undressed and stood looking at herself in the mirrored wall of the large bathroom.  She had to admit that for forty, she was a fine looking woman.  Maybe even thirty-five.  Her legs were long and beautifully shaped.  Her small tummy was just round enough to be sexy, and her breasts were slightly too large for her five-foot-eight, slender frame.  Whenever she observed her breasts, she felt satisfied that she’d never had a child.  They stood out firmly and prominent as they might on a young woman.  Her face had barely a trace of creases, with high cheekbones, oval eyes, a high forehead and a forest of tousled, black hair that surrounded her head like a crown.  Belinda was satisfied that if she had carried on with the handsome young man she need not have felt ashamed of her shape.  All the same, she felt inwardly embarrassed to be so interested in and excited by a man half her age.  Belinda slipped into her comfortable bed in the darkened room and soon fell asleep.  She dreamed of Vincenzo Taglioni.  Fantasies, free of inhibition and insecurities, ran in her mind like videos.  She dreamed that he flew his own floatplane, and invited her to circle Rome in the air for a unique view of the ancient city.  The tour her subconscious conjured was breathtaking as they flew low over the coliseum, and Vatican Square and the Basilica dome.

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