He became a transition man by accident.  That first transition was not typical, but he realised later that it was a transition, and he was the conduit for it.  More, he was actually the catalyst that brought it about.

Dave was working as a courier driver.  He had been an executive in a large company, and got fed up with the mendacity of it and decided to take a break from the corporate world and earn a small living for a short time.  After he’d been making pickups and deliveries for a variety of businesses for some weeks, he began to notice the receptionist at one of the small companies where he made fairly regular pickups.  She wore large, unattractive glasses, large, loose sweaters, and her hair pulled back severely.  He never saw her from the waist down, because she was always behind her receptionists’ desk when he made his pickups.  Something made him believe the young woman was sad, lonely, and attractive if not disguised as a plain woman.  Dave also sensed that she would be a sensual, sexy woman if she was not suffering so from whatever it was inside her that made her hide as she seemed to be doing.

Dave was about 20 years older than the woman, who appeared to be near 30.  Dave was living alone and lonely after his divorce and one day he asked the plain receptionist if she would have supper with him one evening.  He was not surprised that she accepted although he saw the momentarily confused look on her face when he asked her.  He was surprised, however, when she agreed to let him make supper for her at his home.  Dave’s teenaged son was living with him at the time, and he invited a male friend to join them as well for the supper.

The evening went well and the young woman showed that she was capable of enjoying comfortable, casual company in spite of her inhibited appearance.  After supper and some visiting, Dave drove Anne home.  She invited him in for a final coffee and after some quiet conversation they became lovers.  Dave was never certain how it came about, but he was happy that they’d become lovers in this spontaneous way.  Anne was very pretty, and her body was wonderful when freed from the bulky, baggy, tweedy garments, and Dave looked forward to their next meeting, be it at her workplace or socially.

A few days after that first – and as it turned out, only intimacy – Dave was home one evening watching television with his son when the phone rang.  It was Anne.

          “I want to tell you that it was wonderful meeting you and making love with you,” Anne said on the phone, “but I won’t be able to see you again.”

Dave was very hurt, because one of his greatest fears (after the fear of being unable to perform) was being used in a one-night stand.

          “Oh…,” is all Dave could say, while remembrances of Anne’s shape, texture, sound, scent and taste jumbled about in his mind.

          “Being with you reminded me of why I married Charles in the first place,” Anne went on, “and I’m going back to him.  I’ll never forget you, David, and all you’ve done for me in just a few hours.”

          “Well, that’s good, of course,” Dave said.  “I’m sorry, and at the same time I’m happy for you.  Best of luck, Anne.”

That was that.  He had been a transition man for the first time, serving as a conduit for a depressed, grey-spirited young woman to go full circle from marriage to sad separation and back to the original marriage.  Dave would never know how it worked out for Anne in the end, and he hoped she never regretted her time with him, or her return to her husband.

Dave suddenly realized he had his own personal experience with transition.  His transition woman had helped him leave his marriage and re-enter social freedom.  He had not seen it that way at the time.  He wondered what variations there might be in any transitions in which he might participate in the future.

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