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The Tragic Results of Spectacular Success



She had everything most of us wish for, and the life most of us would abhor.  Her family was in the dairy business for several generations.  Her grandfather was a dairy farmer; her father was a businessman whose wisdom led the family from the arduous tasks of managing a herd of Holsteins to the arduous tasks of managing a dairy products mega-business.


Diane Carlton never married because she hadn’t time for it.  It certainly wasn’t because she didn’t attract suitors.  There was always a herd of them in hot, hopeful pursuit.  Diane was tall, lean, not gorgeous but quite pretty with an elegant figure.  One would never guess that she came from dirt-poor farm folk.


By the time she was twenty, Ms. Carlton was in hot pursuit of control of the family company.  She did not agree with the plans of her siblings and cousins who were involved in Carlton Dairies, and she intended to take over the operation and make it even more successful and even more powerful. In fact, by the time she was twenty-nine, she controlled the company, and it was branching out with divisions throughout the country while Diane was negotiating to purchase dairies in Germany and Slovakia.


Now Diane Carlton was tall, lean, elegant, prettier than she had been, and rich, too.  However, the character of a person who has the will and the intelligence to accomplish lofty goals rarely also has the spirit to be warm, gentle, kind and generous.  Diane was one mighty desirable woman… from across the room.  Face to face, words to words, it was a rough, raw experience.


She went through men like a buzz saw goes through logs.  She nourished herself on the simple needs of nature.  There was no emotion or tenderness between she and her lovers.  There were fine dinners in fine restaurants, sometimes in Paris, sometimes in Florence, in any of the world’s prized cities and hotels.  The men were always handsome, charming and well dressed.  They performed the services as Diane required and soon thereafter were dismissed.


One man, a dashing British hanger-on named Arthur Brighton, was not prepared to accept dismissal, and refused to leave.  He declared his love to Diane Carlton, and she laughed loudly and long at him.  He was humiliated and furious.


Arthur Brighton left the sumptuous suite in the five star hotel.  He strode purposefully though the lobby and out the polished bronze-lined glass door held open for him by the liveried doorman.


The maid called her supervisor to ask what to do at penthouse one.  The “do not disturb” sign was still on the door handle, and there was no response to her knock.  Soon after, at about eleven o’clock in the morning, the housekeeping manager and the hotel assistant manager used the master key and found Diane Carlton’s dead body.  She was splayed out on the bed, stark naked, legs wide apart, a silk tie knotted tightly around her neck.


Authorities are hunting for Arthur Brighton, but have yet to find any leads to him.


There seems to be a hardening of some kind that takes over the spirit of these fanatical people who pursue wealth and power beyond wise limits.  The more fiercely they overwhelm competitors and adversaries, the more painful the burden on their families.


A prime example is the Kennedys.  Old Joe Kennedy was a cheat, a liar, a bootlegger, and anything else he had to be to rise to the preposterous level of pseudo royalty in the U.S.A. and much of the world.  Joe even double-crossed his mob associates, so warped had he become with his wealth and power.  He pounded it into his children’s heads that they should continue his legacy.  And so they did.  Lies, cheats, abuses of power, and they turned their backs on their obligations to the mob.  So they got theirs.  One son was mentally challenged, two were assassinated, various other disasters  befell the family, including poor John Kennedy Juniour.


There’s my point.  John-John flew his own plane with his wife and her friend aboard, and plunged into the cold, dark ocean.  Blame it on old Joe, because he deliberately created a nest of rats to better acquire wealth and power.  It’s a cold life for them.  Poor Teddy had to drink all day long to be able to endure the Kennedy burden.





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