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Office Parties are a Mine Field


It’s the time of year again when many companies have office parties.  They can be treacherous, as many humiliated people might know.

It was generally acknowledged that Jerry Goldstone was quite a good looking man in his thirties.  He went to work as a copywriter for a large advertising agency, and although he was a devout womanizer, he wasn’t during his time at this particular office.  He was in a committed relationship with an exotic dancer.  They lived together, and Jerry just didn’t have any interest in other women.  It was an unusual state of mind for him, and he was enjoying it.  To this day, he still wonders if the things that happened at that year’s Christmas party were subconsciously generated by his comfortable commitment, and the aura that it caused in him.

Early in the day of the party, the attractive little receptionist, nineteen years old, took advantage of an opportunity to speak to Jerry as he stood at her desk sorting through the messages she’d handed him.

   “I’ve never met a man who could get me off through penetration.  I know that you’re the one who could do it,” she said softly. He smiled at her warmly.

   “Thank you,” he said.  “Maybe sometime, somewhere, it could happen, but not these days. Sorry.”

As the time drew near for the party to start, Jerry sat in his office, not really working, but just anticipating the party.  He hated parties, and especially office parties.  Somebody always got hurt in some way.  As he sat there just musing, Diane Clark came in the open door and closed it behind her.  This was unusual, because she rarely visited his office.  In fact, they interfaced very little between him in creative and her in management.  Anyway, she looked splendid in her expensive business suit that went well with her slender body and substantial butt and boobs.

   “I just want to wish you a happy season, Hannukah or whatever you celebrate, and to tell you that if you ever feel the need to experience a different woman, don’t hesitate to call.”

  “Thank you, I won’t,” he said. “hesitate that is.”  Diane Clark opened the door and stepped out to disappear toward her office.  Suddenly, just a few moments later, Christie from accounting dashed into his office, slid across his desk to drop off the other side into Jerry’s lap.

  “Do I have to beg?” she said.  “I will, if I have to.”  She was obviously drunk already, and when her friends told her the next day what she had done, she resigned from her job and was never seen again… except by Jerry some time later.  Apparently she felt humiliated.  Jerry felt like an innocent bystander.

He stays away from office parties.  At other parties, Jerry was sometimes the one to be humiliated.  Just a final note: eighteen months later the stripper and Jerry broke up.  He then sought out each of the women who had made her availability known to him, and was happy to share intimate moments with each of them.

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