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Life is (usually) easier for good looking people


Photos from CBC Toronto

   Simple things, like having an elevator held for you, or learning how a client is feeling by charming his receptionist is a daily occurrence for an attractive person.  Attractive, of course, means more than physical appearance.  One must be likeable, too.  A person who has only physical good looks and nothing else will not get along as well.  I knew a boy in high school who was almost unbelievably good looking.  On top of that, he was rich, and drove a red Jaguar roadster.  Most girls wanted to go out with him – once.  Rarely did they share his company more than once.  They said he was completely boring.  Nothing to say.  Not very bright.  Just beautiful to look at… from a distance.

In the two photos above, the pretty girl with the bright smile is dead.  She was murdered by the boyfriend of the dog below.  She pressured him to do it, because she hated the pretty girl – although she’d never met her.  It was, she claimed, because her boyfriend had been the pretty girl’s boyfriend before.  Of course, we don’t know why that matters… unless you understand the motivations of a not good looking girl who is somewhat depressed and maladjusted.  As for the boyfriend… he’s obviously a moron and a misfit.  How else did he fall from the openly smiling pretty girl to the low-life dog?  Pussy whipped no doubt.  The dog put out for him, the pretty girl had plenty of options, and didn’t put out.  That would be my guess.

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