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Don’t blame us for being men, and we won’t blame you for being women

Commercials on television are a good barometer of contemporary society.  There’s one for an SUV of some kind that has seats that easily fold down in back.  Some goofball guy is giggling foolishly as he gleefully pops them down and up – repeatedly.  Meanwhile, his wife is standing by with her arms loaded with full shopping bags while some purchases splat to the ground.

I don’t say that there are no guys like that.  At the same time, there’s lots of guys who are not like that.  And guys do go nuts in front of television sets as their team scores, or the opponents score, or something like that.  And they do wolf down a lot of foul treats while doing this nonsense.  However, an objective view of women reveals some wackiness there, too.

It is a little strange that women often paint their mouths in various unnatural colours.  Some colour their hair in shades that nature never intended… often a brash, copper colour the should be in cookware, not hair.  Glued on false eyelashes and fingernails is another trend, some with patterns and sparkling stones.  And shoes… they go nuts over shoes… lots of shoes.

We should all realize that it’s the nature of we beasts.  Women want to attract men, so they pancake makeup their faces, colour their eyelids with sparkly blue or green or silver shades, push their boobs up and out, wear very revealing garments, and so on.  At the same time, if a guy is attracted by these lures that are meant to attract him, he better be the right guy with the right approach, or he is greeted with reproach.

It’s all weird, and natural.  So, in short, let’s all forgive each other for being what nature made us to be.  Women can’t help being what they are, nor can men help being what they are.  We’re no better than families of wolves or bees.  We’re all slaves to our genes and our DNA, so let’s just all get along… as well as we can, considering we are different from each other, and are best apart from each other except to procreate.  Things just haven’t worked out that way, and we have to learn to live with it.

One final thought: men who abuse women should be beaten severely… and so should women who abuse men.  So should anyone who abuses children.

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