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I ran across a piece of video today,

I ran across a piece of video today, presented by a man whose name is David C. Pack. He has apparently written something like eighty books and pamphlets. This video claims to address the question: “What Happens When You Die? Professing Christians believe those who die go to heaven or hell. Does the Bible teach this? Do people possess an immortal soul? Is there life after death?”

Forty-five seconds into this half-hour video, this hustler says, “If the bible is the word of God, then we must examine what the bible says, not what men say.” This caused me to ruminate on what was God’s writing instrument. Was it a quill pen from a golden goose? Was it a Mont Blanc pen? Was it a number 2 pencil? In what language did he write the bible? Hebrew? Yiddish? English? Pakistani? Watusi?

I am left with one conclusion… men, not God wrote the bible… in a multitude of languages. With the inevitable fallibility of men, the bible must be filled with erroneous suggestions and a good deal of pure bullshit.

So this hustler, David C. Pack, is pushing a pack of lies, perhaps for which he was named. And perhaps the “C” for his middle name stands for “Cockamamie”. Of course, as one might expect, in the last seconds of the video, there is an appeal for donations.

If you believe in this prick’s pile of bullshit, I am sorry for you.

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