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Life in Russia was unpleasant for the family of Mikhail Fedorov.  His father, Anton, was a military man, a profession that he loved.  He enjoyed the authority that came with the uniform and the badges.  Anton Fedorov enjoyed brutality.  At any opportunity, he beat criminal suspects with his huge fists and the baton which swung from his belt at all times

In the absence of any suspected perpetrators, Mikhail’s father would drink a good deal of vodka after which he would beat his wife and his son.  Mikhail often observed the abuse when he wasn’t himself the recipient, and in his mind, this was the way to keep life under control.  While Mikhail was still younger than twelve years old, his parents managed to get the complex paperwork completed to let them emigrate to Canada.

As he got into his later teen years, Mikhail Fedorov grew to be a large boy.  Larger even than his substantial father, and he sought after a career in law enforcement, to emulate his father.  Anton Fedorov had difficulty in finding and holding a job in Toronto, and took to hanging around with several other Russian immigrants that he met in a bar that was a favourite with the Russian immigrant crowd.

While the Canadian Government provided for the Fedorov family, Mikhail resented the feeling of being a welfare brat.  He applied to the police academy and was accepted for training as a police office in the city.  It was not long before his zealous participation and physical presence enabled him to rise in the ranks, from a uniformed beat officer to an undercover detective.

Spending much of his time in the back alleys and dark parks of city nights, Mikhail Fedorov soon became familiar with the shadowy figures that populated the drug infested areas that are common in most every large city.  His physical size and his propensity for violence created the reputation that he hoped to earn.  It was not long before he began to abuse the privileges of his authority.  Especially with the girls who worked the night streets, struggling to earn enough for their next hit of the drugs that enslaved them.

Mikhail Fedorov began to consider the hookers in his neighbourhood as his own personal harem, and he enjoyed forcing sex on them – sometimes as many as four or five rapes in a week.  Of course, there were never any reports or complaints from the women, because their fear of Fedorov was greater than their fear of rape.  They capitulated to the man’s demands, or they were beaten, and sometimes imprisoned in his private prison until they fell into line with his other victims.

Things began to change for Fedorov.  The street people began to know him as “Big Mike Fedora”, and he enjoyed seeing fear in the faces of the derelicts of the night when he approached them.  On the night that he first encountered Darlene Delaney, he met the first hooker who did not bow down to him.  As a result, he struck her severely, first with his ham-sized fists, and then with his baton, that he kept hidden in his jacket.  He left he in a bloody heap among some garbage bags in an alley near Dundas Square.  When some of her fellow prostitutes, male and female, discovered her there, they flagged down a passing patrol car to report he condition.  The officers investigated and immediately called for paramedics.  They applied first aid to her battered face and head before they rushed her to the hospital.

End of Part Twoto be continued

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