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If I could steal without guilt, I might do it.

I have read everything I can find on the subject of fraudsters, Pyramid and Ponzi schemes, but I have not been able to find the information I seek.

I want to understand how the Ponzi schemers can live the high life on their ill-gotten gains, free of concern over the inevitable disastrous end to which they are headed. How can they calmly steal hundreds of thousands and even millions or billions of dollars without envisioning the final humiliation that they face.

They embezzle money from charities, investment firms, individuals and even direct relatives, all so they can have the homes, boats, cars and travel that they have not earned and do not deserve. How can they enjoy any of it? How can they warmly smile upon their victims, shaking their hands, enquiring as to the health of their families?

I imagine myself using my mature, charming appearance to win the confidence of a familiar couple, perhaps neighbours or relatives. I would have to be in dire straights, desperate for survival. I think I would first simply ask for a loan. Failing that, and assuming my situation is untenable and drives me to creating a lie that would encourage kind, generous people to invest in me.

How could I live my daily life, knowing that I’m enjoying life on the funds of others? How could I not contemplate the end of the line that must some day arrive? I would worry constantly, unable to sleep nights, unable to eat the rich foods afforded by my stolen wealth.

The lingering question will always haunt me: how do the con artists and fraudsters live with themselves and their families while living on the wealth of others?

How do they pretend to their own minds that the house of cards is solid and will not crash? I’m grateful that I don’t know how they do it. It would be so easy to be like Madoff or Earl Jones that I might be tempted to do it. But my life would be a misery of angst and guilt, so I’m just going to live on what I can earn, and to Hell with mansions, yachts and mansions.

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